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  1. and read this thread. Life has no meaning for me now.....
  2. they placed their celebratory cache: Indian Hill Nice one guys.
  3. If you see a potential geocacher.. DO the Drunken Bee Dance that we are so familiar with while holding the GPS. This time do the dance counter clockwise to initiate a greeting. Clockwise has been known to begin Klingonlike mating rituals. If the person is a geocacher, the subject may become amused and walk over. Do not be alarmed. Contine the drunken bee dance. You may supplement it with cries like 'GARMIN RULES!' or 'YOU ARE THE SEARCH ENGINE' If he is a true geocacher, appropriate conversation will follow... If he is not a geocacher, you will clearly know what an idiot feels like ....
  4. My Rapture of the Deep is still being watched a lot (34). No one has found it...but its not exactly easy to get to ... What blows me away completely is that the cache page has been viewed EVERY SINGLE DAY since its inception. (I have a counter on the page). How people find out about it baffles the hell out of me...(apart from these shameless plugs! )
  5. Met them yesterday at my Travel Bug Hotel. Great geocaching couple...Congrats on the milestone. They promised to place a cache to mark the occasion too.
  6. quote:Originally posted by StayFloopy: Thanks! Hey, isn't that the http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=28? OOOPS! BUSTED ! ....
  7. quote:Originally posted by Markwell:There's a bad link. In the in room movies, you're link to Artful Dodger's Video Shop now directs the clicker to http://www.geocaching.com/hide/report.asp?id=26354 It should be http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?id=26354 Thanks Markwell. Will fix it ASAP. Fixed.
  8. T totally redid the CASINO part of the hotel - no popup ads or commercial content. Congrats to the FloopMeister for being the first non-travel bug visitor !! You are awarded a Travel Bug Medal of Honor
  9. Good news! The Gaming Commission has given the New York Hotel and Casino for Travel Bugs its gaming license. ...Even if you don't go caching today, you can always have fun in the Casino or Games arcade ... Talk about putting in more effort than what's it worth! - Ay Caramba! AD
  10. quote:Originally posted by Vonster:Dear Mr Dodger My wife and I are hoping to spend a few days travelling in your neck of the woods and would like to make reservations at your hotel. Would you be able to let us know when you will be accepting guests? Many thanks Mr & Mrs T Ravel-Bug Dear Mr T Ravel-Bug The hotel is now open - we have a 24 hour check-in facility for your convenience. Since it is the Grand Opening period, there is plenty of space for our TB guests.. The CASINO is going through renovations to pass the GAMING COMMISSION regulations and will be up and running later today. PIERRE - (Concierge) [This message was edited by The Artful Dodger on November 08, 2002 at 07:36 AM.]
  11. I had some spare time on my hands so I created a fully comprehensive Travel Bug Hotel and Casino. Catering to the affluent bugs out there, this hotel will go the extra mile to pamper the tired travelers with some fine dining, in-room movies, games room....Heck, even a casino! I created this hotel with the intent on having geocachers check it out for bugs that want to travel internationally and maybe pick it up before flying overseas. But naturally, this also caters for the domestic scene too. Catering to the New York/New Jersey area. Should be up and ready soon (barring a few changes in the casino section) AD
  12. Unable to delete duplicate posting..
  13. Shameless plug time again Barring a few changes to make on the Casino section, the New York International Travel Bug Hotel and Casino will be having its Grand Opening. Its a scenic area close to major road arteries on the border of New York/New Jersey that is a rest stop for all those tired travelers as they get from one cache to another. Hopefully, cachers will check it periodically for pickup for international travel too. Remember...travel bugs need pampering too
  14. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:Can't wait to see the web page AD! _ Awaiting the approval process......
  15. ...to our Travel Bugs. I know from personal experience. I have created little personalities for my little Bugs, but nothing in comparison to Tim & Junes 'shrine' GO GULLIVER !
  16. quote:Originally posted by Waterboy With Wife (www): Brian – Your two latest pictures suggest that you are spending to much time working on your fantastically good looks. Or is it possible that this is the result of eating too much eggplant? Haha! Good one, Mike!!
  17. will have its Grand Opening tomorrow or Thursday... Watch this space....
  18. quote:Originally posted by MapLady:. What do you think about an ammo box in the game lands vs a clear plastic Rubbermaid container? From my experience (and I am sure others would concur) the ammo box is numero uno here. It is sturdy AND waterproof. Cache contents are dry and protected. Also, in my humble opinion, rubbermaids and tupperwares tend to be on the small side and may not cater for larger Travel Bugs.
  19. Ok, I had this Ammo Can Hotel burning in the trunk of my car and Newark was a no-go. I placed this hotel in a spot I have been eyeing for a while for a cache but it will more than suffice for a TB hotel. Its already been placed with two guests but the Grand Opening will be delayed until hotel 'renovations' and staff personnel have been hired. Its hard to find good help these days.. (We need to fill the position of the Concierge and the Cabana Pool Boy, if anyone is interested.. ) Hotel is in the vicinity of I-287 and I-87 catching both NY and NJ traffic not far from the Tappan Zee Bridge. Not near an airport unfortunately but near major highway arteries at least...and easy to get to. Watch this space ...
  20. I think I will take you up on your offer...This new Travel Bug of mine needs to be in the UK to be effective as he is chasing another TB who already is there.. Sort of like a cat-and-mouse hunt. I'll contact you via email regarding a suitable drop-off point...
  21. quote:Originally posted by azog:Just curious if you have the waypoints for those cemeteries? The reason I ask is that I am looking at MapSource, and there seems to be a big park at N40 41.784 W74 12.107 called Weequahic Park, and it's less than 1 mile from the Route 9 ramps to the airports. ---------- Hi Azog Yep, I use mapsource as well as yes, I went to Weequahic park today to give it another scrutiny. Its a great looking park but it is infested with a lot of litter. I suspect that some of the isolated areas are 'homeless encampments' as BassoonPilot so aptly put it. Also, there wasn't a firm spot I felt comfortable that a Travel Bug Hotel will remain plunder-free.
  22. Scoured the area like a like a brand new geocacher looking again for a suitable spot for my Ammo can Travel Bug Motel.... nothing, nada, nix, niet, nope! I went back to the cemet'e'ries and decided against them....I saw some 'warning' signs about only being there for grave viewing only. Oh Well...I have a brand new TB (Magnus) that needs to get to the UK. overseas....I'll have to resort to a regular cache for it. I like your idea Brian...want to team up here?
  23. that Dave lost a bet with Leno one day, and Dave had to take over the rejected interns from the Tonight Show Enter Harrald....
  24. quote:. (Sorry Artful Dodger; I had to do it. "Cemetery" seems to be the word most often misspelled on these forums, followed closely by "weird.") gawrsh! Thats weeird....mah teachuh said I wuz the bestest in English in skuul.
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