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  1. You own the Travel Bug ID number...you can do whatever you want with it. That means you can change the entire Travel Bug settings - including giving it a new identity. Or you can find a Version 2 of your Travel Bug and re-release it back into the game. To remove it from the cache page where it currently resides by 'Grabbing' it. (Create a NOTE on the cache page and grab the TB). Once grabbed, I suggest you place it in a temporary cache - The Travel Bug Graveyard is a good example. Do this again by creating a NOTE on the cache page and 'drop' off the TB. Once you have a new TB ready for the ID number, regrab the TB from the Graveyard and Release it in the wild again. A little messy, but apart from retiring the ID number altogether, thats the only other feasible way I can see you can reintroduce it back into the game again. Have a look at my Cheeky, the geomonkey as an example Best of luck.
  2. Not only does he proliferate the Northeast NJ with caches - they are good quality ones too! I got to hand it to Brian for his excellent GeoSwag in his Ammo Cans. ...and he provides parking coordinates to most of his caches too.
  3. Hi Jon Back from NZ ... and yes! I found out what snow is like when I did a checkup on the TB Hotel of mine today...brrr! I also had the misfortune of stepping into a freezing stream on the way up to the cache. I wanna go back to the Southern Hemisphere again..
  4. I have two International Travel Bug Hotels out there that seem to be somewhat successful in getting the bugs moved on. I make no demands on Bug In - Bug Out policies. My vote for the most popular (and successful) Hotel out there is the one that's a 'stones throw away' from LAX airport: Grand Central Station. You literally can pick up a TB during a layover. I did.
  5. Every now and then I come across very amusing log entries of geocachers who went the 'extra mile' to get that dadgum #$@*! geocache...!! Have a look at Mike Riccobono's log entry on my Curse of the Suburban Jungle Its definitely worth a good laugh!! Hey! I did warn that it was 'cursed' Anyone else in this snowy part of the world that has some amusing stories or anecdotes of 'climbing the highest mountain, swimming the deepest seas' to get that elusive cache? Oh, and don't tell Mike where I live ...
  6. Good thing they didnt use some of your prior avatar photo's Nice article. Thanks to GWho for posting the scan. Quite a few people from our local group mentioned.
  7. because I am in sunny New Zealand at the moment (Sorry! I had to rub it in!). No snow over here, folks! (PS I am trying to find a cache hiding spot - but these kiwis manicure all the green vegetation/fields/pastures etc. There are no rocks or hidey holes anywhere! Ay caramba! - or it could be that I am in the holiday lazy mode and just cant be bothered to look all that hard ...
  8. How to convince GARMIN to Choose one...ANY one for their hardware units.
  9. for the most amusing log entry I have read in a long time ... Sorry about Pierre. He's French and can be a tad rude at times.
  10. I'd love people who are going to do this to post their intentions (and photos) here. Same thing for Xmas presents, too.
  11. going around that a boycott has been called upon this thread. I understand that a hunger strike has begun, too.
  12. "If you like travels bugs, and you are French (or speak French well) and that you want to test "a new" concept, contact me directly by email: geolutins@kikankoi.com I seek 'many' serious beta testers... " Cordially, RedRégis
  13. I personally would like the geocaching.com system to somehow gently 'remind' the holding cacher that he/she is holding onto a Travel Bug. Perhaps when the cacher is about to make a FOUND or place a Note etc, there could be a more conspicuous caption box on the web page that indicates that there are X Travel Bugs in your possession. Even a friendly box on the MY CACHE PAGE screen stating in RED that you have so-and-so bugs currently in your possession. Naturally, there needs to be a counter-balance to make the reminder disappear after a period of time. The original TB owner, who has the ability to recapture the TB or delete logs etc, may simply have forgotten the TB or has disappeared from geocaching altogether. One can make this message user-friendly but firm enough to make it known that its time to move that Travel Bug onwards to greener pastures, er caches. Just my 2c for the day. [This message was edited by The Artful Dodger on November 19, 2002 at 08:27 AM.]
  14. I had one of my TB's held hostage for NINE months (Thanks Pookee!! ) After repeated promises to release it, it was obvious that he (a) Lost it ( fed it to the dog (3) Traded it for a All-Day Lollipop or (d) Used it as a doorstop. Sometimes, one has to let go..and move on. As far as my travel bug, I released Version 2.0 and attached the COPY tag to it.... Its alive and well in Travel Bug land... [This message was edited by The Artful Dodger on November 17, 2002 at 06:32 PM.]
  15. I'm going to report this thread to the authorities !!
  16. Hey, its Friday, anything for a smile ... http://svt.se/hogafflahage/hogafflaHage_site/Kor/hestekor.swf
  17. there will be a drop down option for the gallery. Your uploaded picture will be an option for this. Select it. Voila!
  18. The duplicate message is what happens when you REPLY instead of EDIT... Messages cannot be deleted for some reason.
  19. quote:Originally posted by The Artful Dodger:Northumrian, My Phantasmagoria page uses both a background soundtrack (that is user activated) and sound effects (that is activated by a mouse rollover). I have another cache page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=36454 that also employs sound effect mouse rollovers only. The sound effects cannot be user controlled. They are either ON or OFF. I believe the effects enhanced the page and therefore left on intentionally.
  20. Northumrian, My Phantasmagoria page uses both a background soundtrack (that is user activated) and sound effects (that is activated by a mouse rollover - hotspots that are activated when the mouse is dragged over an image). I have another cache page: Puzzled...? that also employs sound effect mouse rollovers. The sound effects cannot be user controlled. They are either ON or OFF. I believe the effects enhanced the page and therefore left on intentionally. Another example is my Travel Bug Hotel An example where I intentionally have a background MIDI that is auto-on is my JukeBox cache. It just seemed...appropriate. [This message was edited by The Artful Dodger on November 14, 2002 at 11:29 AM.]
  21. I was just browsing the UK board per chance and thought I would help out regarding embedded music - since I am guilty of inserting them in a lot of my pages. Some of my cache pages have the music all set to go, all the cacher has to do is activate it by pressing PLAY. Here are a couple of examples: ~Phantasmagoria~ Rapture of the Deep Durban's Botanical View The code for the above is: <embed src=http://www.musicwebsitegoeshere.mid hidden=false align=center autostart=false autoplay=false loop=false width="137" height="25"> The above link will display a mini console. The page viewer can elect to play it or not. It should be easy to change the above code to autoplay if desired. Also, as mentioned, you can upload the MID or WAV to the cache page and link to it. You can delete the link from the cache page so it doesnt display but the physical link still exists in geocaching.com's database. My rollover sound effects are created by javascript which is another step altogether ...
  22. After reading the FIRST CACHE MEMORY thread, it got me thinking about my first cache I placed. My Durban's Botanical View has remained plunder-free for about 15 months now - even though it is in a country, far, far away... So, all those cache hiders out there...is your first cache still active out there for cachers to find? How long has it been? AD
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