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  1. quote:Originally posted by Zartimus:use an animated GIF as the background... Yikes! Even I wouldn't go THAT far ....
  2. I may have a ski weekend in the planning stage with some friends for that weekend (tentative) otherwise I would love to do it!
  3. Heh heh! Just kidding! Cache approvers do a good job.
  4. Congrats to Hartclimbs for reaching the 100 cache find milestone - after starting in December 2002. Thanks Hart for reaching it on my Cauldrons of Courage geocache
  5. After reading the 'Greatest caches in the Northeast' thread, I got to thinking about which caches that I have placed would I recommend the most for geocachers to seek...what would be my favorites. My top two are multicaches: Ay Caramba! AND Cauldrons of Courage and to a lesser extent, my Splitrock Splendor and Giant Stairs Just curious from the other Northeast cache placers out there as to which cache do they consider their favorite?
  6. I like the good hikes when it comes to caching (which isn't too often lately, unfortunately). I still have good memories from the New York/New Jersey Multistate Multicache by Waterboy. Great hike, good views, uncrowded trail. It baffles me why this cache hasnt had more seekers. My other favorite's are from BrianSnat's lot: Pyramid Mountain Roaming Cache because you become both the seeker and hider. I like that concept. Not to mention a good hike, too. Terrace Pond for great vistas, ponds.. Bottom of Lake Passaic III for its unpredictable terrain at times
  7. Yep! Brian is the chief Head Cache Stasher in them thar hills! I bow to his good quality caches. Thanks Hart for recognising that for all the prolific seekers out there, there are the little folks who keep 'em happy and employed by taking the time out to hide these Gladware and Ammo Can rejects in obscure places...and BrianSnat is numero uno there. If we can find good cache spots, we will hide.
  8. May you never succumb to temptation in procuring a day job!
  9. Ok, its not a physical cache but CRUSSO's Where's in a Name cache has over 280 logs and SIXTY people watching it. Wow! Most popular Travel Bug Hotel cache is Grand Central Station with 130+ logs. I wish my New York TB was so popular, grr!
  10. quote:Originally posted by geo-Packrat:I was thinking....of making it a 2 part cache. the first part would be a laminated card with the coorindates of the actual . Been there, done that! Have a look at myRapture of the Deep Still awaiting a 1st Find.... ...anyday now....yep...anyday...now....
  11. Can you just cut and paste the article here? Thanks.
  12. Your log on the Passaic Hidaway cache was priceless, man! Thanks for the effort! You get the Feb 2003 Determined Geocacher Award
  13. That's excellent news Brian! We'll have to organize a group backpacking trip there this summer and place a few around. I need to check up on
  14. Kiss my arse, you $%#@! GPS satellites! Even with two satellite locks, I still found it - SO THERE !!
  15. Have a look at poor New York and all its fluffy white stuff falling everywhere... Time to go caching...!!
  16. If anyone's interested ... Webcam cache in New York
  17. I've got a condo on the Hudson River with a panoramic view of Manhattan.... ...the entire city is missing - gone! - completely out of view. First time since I've moved here where I cant see anything from the City.
  18. I promise, there are no more Curse of the Suburban Jungle type caches to snare you up! (Heh Heh! ) Seriously, though. There are plenty of good, difficult and fun caches out there. Almost all of BrianSnat's caches are top notch - including one of my favorite Pyramid Mountain Roaming Cache and many of Scully,Mulder's and Team Magster etc.
  19. ...to contribute anything rewarding or enriching to their existence!
  20. quote:Originally posted by Harrald:So much for not caching this weekend. The Bardmin and I started by logging a No Find on Dodgers http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=52893 cache. This was after a 3.25 mile round trip hike in 6 inches of fresh powder. I guess snow doesn't matter. Yep! My cache is not too compatible with snow .... especially if you choose .....poorly. Best to wait for the snow to melt...which looks as if it may be a while from now ...
  21. Well done Brian! ...looking forward to your 100 caches placed!
  22. I tend to use the leftover Burger King brown paper bags. If you ask the manager politely, they usually allow you to perform a search-and-recovery operation from their sanitation depots outside their premises.
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