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  1. On 2/24/2020 at 3:27 AM, IceColdUK said:

    I understand the wish to tidy up the MC, but are you suggesting that if I send you a message via the MC, you should be able to delete it so that neither of us can see it?  For privacy reasons?


    No thanks.


    In some sense, yes. I do not wish to use the MC at all. I want to be able to delete everything I have posted there, and prevent others from sending me notes there. Ground speak does not need to have access to my communications that I do not send to them via e-mail.



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  2. On 2/24/2020 at 12:14 AM, arisoft said:


    I am using MC by e-mail. All conversations are recorded in my own computer and there is no way to delete them by other parties. I appreciate your wish to use e-mail only but I don't understand why you are not using e-mail for the MC.


    Anyway, in some circumstances, I would be practical to delete some messages from the MC for privacy or other personal reasons.


    Simple, because it's not e-mail, it's a message center where messages are stored and we have no control over them.

    My profile page clearly states to not send me messages via the MC but it still happens.

    I want that data removed and I don't want Groundspeak to be retaining that data..


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  3. Speaking of privacy,


    I do not see any options to delete conversations in the Message Center nor disable it in my profile.

    I don't like using the MC and want to encourage people to send correspondence via e-mail.


    When do you think we'll see this functionality?

    If not an option, who do we contact who has the ability to DELETE all of the messages in the message center (NOT HIDE them) ?


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  4. On 7/16/2019 at 8:26 PM, Mineral2 said:

    It's not worthless. Those four data fields are the same size as all of the other dashboards, which is what Garmin was going for - a uniform dashboard that can be filled with different design for different purposes. Honestly, just give it a try before dismissing it as worthless. The dashboard leaves enough map to still be useful, especially now that the screen size and resolution have been increased.

    I disagree. I did give it a try and returned it as worthless. However I was looking at the 66 again this weekend while caching and it was quite clear that I was able to view the map much better in the 2 small data field mode compared to the 'uniform' dashboard my buddy was using. Side by side with my 64s, Sure, the 66s's screen is slightly larger but the viewable map was equally smaller than mine.
    Increasing the resolution just makes items on the screen smaller to the point where, unless you have extremely good eyes, the cache icons and even the custom symbols are simply too small.
    It's a simply fix in the FW that Garmin can easily implement.


  5. I wish I had read this thread before I bought a 66s. The lack of the 2 data fields when in map or compass mode makes it nearly worthless IMHO.  Only two options. Full screen with no data fields or four massive data fields with only half the map. Pretty poor planning if you ask me.


    Anyone know when or if Garmin will wake up and fix this?  After all, it's got to be a very simple line of code for them to return the 2 small data field option.

    Returned my 66s as defective until they fix this.

  6. On 5/23/2019 at 1:52 PM, djbach said:

    I can add my voice to this discussion.  I continue to miss being able to use the Google Earth viewer.  I used to use it all the time.  I find it interesting that many of the responses continue to say that it's a feature that not used very much.  I find that hard to believe.  If it's a feature the HQ is not going to fix, please remove it from your website as an offered feature.  I love the feature and want to be able to use it but why keep it on your website if it's not working and appears not to be a feature you're interested in fixing.  FIX IT OR REMOVE IT.


    I disagree - I don't want them to remove such a good tool!  I want it fixed! It's a very useful tool that I used to use all the time for trip planning, puzzle solving, routing out hiking trails, scoping out best routes to arrive at a hide etc.. the list is huge.


  7. On 5/31/2019 at 8:06 AM, cal25 said:

    I use Google Earth when planning geocaching trips and finding new counties. It has been easy to see what caches are available and devise the best route to take. Is there a GC map that has that info?


    When I used to be in the working world and you got the answer that included "We don't no when someone will get to it because it is not high on the priority list" It surely meant that there was intent to ever look into the matter. Funny thing was as an employee I was expected to take care of every duty on my lists regardless of priorities. GC wont even let us know they are aware of the issue.


    Nah, they are aware of it, they just refuse to address it and even stopped replying to our requests to get it fixed.

    Keep e-mailing contact@Groundspeak.com until they do.


  8. On 4/11/2019 at 1:02 PM, The A-Team said:

    There are a number of things to address here:

    1. As far as we know, they did not intentionally disable it. Something broke.

      And this is why we're asking them to fix it. It's a very useful tool that many of us have been using for over a decade!


    2. We're not being critical of the feature. We're trying to suggest alternate methods or workarounds, given that the Google Earth viewer doesn't work at the moment.

      Understood, but we're not asking for a work around, we're asking for the broken feature to get fixed.


    3. Just to be clear, the viewer itself isn't a paid feature. Both Basic and Premium members can use it, though Premium members get more "views" (refreshing the caches when the map is dragged).

     Perfectly clear  - it's not a premium feature - meaning that is more 'core' than premier and thus more important.


    4. There are many things on the website that don't work correctly. The developers need to prioritize the long list in order to fix the most important issues first. Since the Google Earth viewer is used relatively minimally and there are workarounds for many use-cases, fixing it could be pretty far down the list.

    And many of those broken items have been broken for YEARS. Yet they keep on piling on more and more unnecessary features, without any focus on fixing the basic functionality issues we've been complaining about.



  9. On 4/12/2019 at 2:05 PM, Mineral2 said:

    Why do you need to see them from ground level? Go visit the site. Half the adventure of placing a cache is looking for the perfect place to hide it. What's the worst that happens? You get there, find that it's not really a good spot, and you got out of the house exploring.


    One very obvious answer is to view an area when solving puzzles. I do (did) that all the time to help narrow down the location, days, weeks, months in advance.



  10. On 4/7/2019 at 1:20 PM, Mineral2 said:

    You can export your route as a GPX file, and import that as a custom user route on the website, then create a pocket query along a route. Problem solved?


    No - The problem is that the geocaching earth kml plugin, a premium member feature, failed well over a month ago and Groundspeak has yet to address it.


  11. On 3/24/2019 at 11:13 AM, KCSearcher said:

    I sent an email a few minutes ago to 'Geocaching HQ Support' <contact@geocaching.com>.  It had attachments the issue.
    Subject: Request {991696} [Google Earth Viewer issue]


    It’s been a couple of weeks.  Anything happening with this?  

    Please review the attached files one again as they clearly documents the issue.

    The Google Earth Viewer is a very useful tool to do high level and sometime detail trip planning.  This is significantly hindering that effort for my trip planning to New Mexico for the DeLorme and County Challenges.

    Once a fix is made, let me know and I’ll verify it’s behavior on the user end. 

    Cache On!!! / Ken (KCSearcher)


    Did you ever receive a reply? I send an email also and I never got a reply.




  12. Well, after caching the whole day, I could still not get satellite signal if I enabled GLONASS so, now that we're home I decided to try a factory reset (Turn off, - press & hold Page and Enter and turn on - release Page & Enter once the option to erase all settings comes up)


    It worked!

    Reconfigure all my customization and I'm good to go!

    At least for now.. I've had it up and running for a while and I can still see that at least 5 of the GLONASS Sats are there while sitting at my desk on the bottom floor of my residence.


  13. I've had my 64s for several years now and this problem occurred for the first time yesterday.

    Anyone hear of a fix yet? Not a major problem because the 64s using US sats are still extremely accurate but I wouldn't mind all features working as designed.


  14. I have been a member of Geocaching.com since 2005 and quickly loved caching because it was different, quirky and a "sport" where I could use my map reading skills. I understand that things change but why has geocaching.com decided that everything that I have enjoyed with caching to date is not fit for purpose in this modern app world and so is being thrown out with baby and the bath wate? (Even the text on screen is so small and greyed out that it is increasingly difficult to read).

    I used to enjoy at the end of a caching day to turn on my desktop, and now Tablet, and log my finds and DNF's. But now I wonder what new, fashioable, trendy Web design garbage that I will have to endure in the process. Why is it so difficult for geocaching.com to cater for traditionalists as well as for app bashers? Why have I lost "Fav Points" for a 💗? I don't "love" any cache but I do want to award a CO for providing me with a fantastic bit of scenery or a well made container or something similar. So please, stop being a herd animal and instead be a leader. Go back to your roots and provide your customers with a fun quirky activity (like it used to be) rather than just another app aimed at the quick fix brigade. (Even the formatting on this page cannot cope with a 💗).


    I have to agree completely. I've been caching for 10 years now and like you, no longer find the logging experience enjoyable at all. It used to be so simple and although the site has always been aesthetically displeasing, at least it wasn't so full of Fischer Price fluff.


    I think the biggest problem is that most of the 'App' users spend so much time with their faces buried in their app devices that if something doesn't look like twitter or facebook, they complain much louder than us who started before these 'App' users.


    We're old-school where appearance wasn't important, functionality was. We're just so used to function over form that the changes to appease the millennials just don't make any sense to us.

  15. We have seen several issues when uploading our field notes (geocache-visits.txt) from our Garmins.


    If we don't already have a 'draft' in the list on the site, the upload loads the entire geocache-visits.txt file and most of the dates are incorrect.


    Then when logging, there is no way to use the better, more efficient previous logging page. You are forced to use the new one.


    We're pretty close to doing everything via GSAK and just dumping the website except for solving puzzles.

  16. I am working on my bookmark lists and noticed the site is very slow. I went to refresh the page and it says its unresponsive. But minutes later its fine. Its been doing this all day.


    Welcome to geocaching.com... This has been one of my gripes for nearly 10 years.


    Some days, it works great! Others are simply painful. It does seem to have been consistently slower than normal since they introduced the recent changes to the site though.

  17. Well it took me about two seconds to opt out of that one, because the "new" page takes away the preview of what you're writing. Just what were you thinking there?


    Agreed. The new logging page is really poorly designed.

  18. I wouldn't care to see that at all, thanks.

    I'm still using a GPSr and find two-lines of cache title really annoying.

    Can't believe many are happy to read all of that on small phone screens either.


    This thread reads "cache description", and that's what some of these crazy cache titles seem to be. :)

    - Maybe meant for folks who only read the title.




    And what's almost as bad are series placed with the same first words. One never knows which cache is which without digging into the description.

  19. Please do something about the way Message Centre works. I request that people use the email option to contact me, but almost no one does so.


    Problem 1. Recently I haven't been getting an email to let me know that someone has sent me something through the message centre. It may be something to do with using the app. This causes enormous problems in dealing with the numerous logs I get for my earthcaches.


    Problem 2. If I do labourously log into the message centre to reply to someone, I have never had another email to let me know that they have replied to my reply. So unless I go to the g.com website and login in AND notice the notification symbol, I am unaware. This isn't efficient, and I have plenty of other things to do than keep track g.com website.


    Please rectify these issues.


    Firth of Forth


    I just don't use it.


    Place a note on your profile that clearly states that you prefer e-mail and not message center.

    I MAY look at the message center once every month or so. If someone wants to get in touch with me via gc, the can use the send e-mail option or they can wait until I happen to open the page.


    Getting back on topic: You don't need to enter an additional "Write note" to create an NM log. You can do it as part of logging your "Found it". I agree that the new process isn't very efficient or useful for COs, but we have to play the cards we're dealt.


    There's the problem.


    It used to be far more intuitive, efficient and easier to manage. Groundspeak simply isn't listening or too many people just don't care that the site is nowhere as easy to use as it used to be.


    When it comes to the website functionality, 'New' and 'Improved' seem to be mutually exclusive.

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