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  1. I've lived in VA all of my life, (except for those lovely vacations Uncle Sam sent me on) and we've always considered ourselves a Southern state. What's to debate?...After all, Richmond was once the capitol of the Confederacy. I live 30 miles from NC and 50 miles from TN. So if I do any Geocaching out of state, it's most likely going to be in NC or TN, not some state 300+ miles away. Of course this is the "Forgotten End" of the State ... a lot of Virginians seem to forget that there are 150 miles of "The Old Dominion" Southwest of Roanoke. We're easy to spot in a crowd, just look for the folks with one gallus hanging off their bib overalls.(If you have to ask what a "gallus" is, VA is definitly in the wrong forum ) We'll I'll get off my soap box now, I've got to move the couch and the refrigerator out onto the porch, and put a couple of more junk cars up on blocks in the front yard. I just hope the porch doesn't fall in with the extra weight, and kill the 6 hound dawgs that are usually laying under it.
  2. I've been lurking around the forum here for a few weeks, reading posts and trying to gather information to help me in this new sport. I finally made the plunge yesterday and purchased a SporTrak Pro. 45 minutes later I was standing beside the River Walk Cache This morning I decided to try one a bit harder and hiked through the blowing snow to the Mount Rogers Cache. My SporTrak Pro took me to within a few feet of it! I enjoyed the walk and the scenery, the snow was blowing over my tracks as I left, leaving it virtually pristine for the next cache hunter. I'm hooked ... bad, going to head out tomorrow to try for a few more. I just wanted to thank y'all for all the info provided to get me started.
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