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  1. We travel through Stettler twice a year or so. Stop for gas there and sometimes find a cache or two. Garlic Gulpers were a very active family caching group back in 2008, 2009. Found a few of there caches.
  2. The box as it’s called is not listed as a geocache so can’t log it. Not sure why the email came from Groundspeak when the contest is almost over.
  3. Just got an email about this hunt yesterday. Saw there was one of the boxes very close to me so went and found it. The log book was almost full already from people that had found it over a month ago. Just wondering why I only got the email yesterday ? Anyone know anything about this contest ?
  4. Thanks Max and 99. I guess they like to keep us in suspense ha ha.
  5. Thanks for the reminder on that MNTA, I have an earth cache about 500 meters away that I’m saving just for that souvenir .
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows what the next souvenirs will be for the next 3 months ?
  7. Week two requirements are out now.
  8. Does anyone know what the challenge will be for next week ? Or do we have to wait for an email telling us that ?
  9. I think you had to attend an event on the 15 or 16 th. Not sure how the rules go. Still trying to learn all about it myself.
  10. Thanks for the link MM. When I tryed to renew the other day the drop down that I got never had PayPal on it.
  11. I went to renew my membership and could not find the paypal card? I was sure I used paypal last year. Any one know about this?
  12. that you can do by pulling your "my finds" pocket query. it includes all your logs on all the caches you've found. you could load that into GSAK or any other capable application and read your logs there. if you've always used a certain phrase in your FTF logs, you could automatically generate your FTF stats from that. some online stats generators like http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/ can do that too. I will try this. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you. I was hoping I could see my log on all caches that I have found.
  14. Is there an easy way to look up my FTF ??
  15. Hello every one. I am a little late getting in on this topic. I think any cache that is under water, you should say that in the descriptions. Then a cacher can be prepared to get wet. I think in the descriptions or the clue it would be good to give the approx depth of the cache. After all we do want cacher's to find them, and have fun. I do some scuba diving and plan on making my first cache under water. If I new of a cache under water, and frozen over , I would definitely be in to looking for it.
  16. hawk-dive

    path tags

    Thanks every one. I have you all on my list.
  17. hawk-dive

    path tags

    Hello wavesprite. I will put you on my trade list. I am working on a design now.
  18. hawk-dive

    path tags

    Just found out about path tags the other day. Would like to know if there are many geocachers out there with path tags for trade?
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