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  1. For what it's worth, I just picked up the PN 60. Bass Pro Shop had it on sale for $349 WITH a mail in rebate of $50 so the final price is $299. Now to go start playing with it!
  2. EXACTLY what I was hoping to find, thanks! Now to pour a cup of coffee and settle down to some reading time!
  3. I visited the Bass Pro Shop in Phoenix today to see the Garmin 62s hoping to see how it works since all the "reviews" here seem to be focused on the squeak and nothing else. I tried making the unit squeak and did hear a faint noise when the sides were pressed together............ I hope THAT isn't what all the stir is all about! If so, there are some pretty picky people around here! While there I noticed the Delorme PN60 which looked to be a pretty slick unit. The unit booted right up, the screen was crystal clear and the salesman seemed pretty knowledgable about both it and the Garmin units and indicated that the pn60 was about on par with the 62s. He said it would download cache info from this forum just like the 62s and did "tracks" which I think might be helpful as well as having a pretty nice compass. Does anyone here use the Delorme pn60 and have anything good (or bad) to say about it? Right now their is a $50 rebate so the price is attractive. Sure would like to hear some good news about it from anyone using one Regards
  4. Nope, just little ole me, George, from Ft. Worth, Texas now transplanted to Arizona Thanks for all the replies folks! After starting this thread I found the GPS dedicated forum and read quite a few messages and it seems that I won't be going after theGPSMAP 62st afterall and looking into a squeaky GGPSMAP 62s instead since a visit to the local ranger station today showed me that there are plenty of topo maps available online for this area and, as I understand it, that's the only difference between it and the 62st. I found the 62s online for $298 shipped so unless I run across a great deal on a 60csx, I'll probably jump on the newer unit. Again, Thanks for the insights.
  5. Thanks for the reply, but I'm not up on all the terms yet. I assume that "it does tracks" is the same as "bread crumb trails"? "Isn't paperless"....... could you expound a bit please? Do you mean that you can't download info from the web directly into the unit as a single searchable item and still have to rely on printing out cache information on paper to take along with you? May sound like really basic questions but I'm just two days into researching/learning! Thanks
  6. We just moved to Show Low, Arizona and have started hiking the numerous wooded trails in the area, some of which are long and convoluted so I thought a GPS MIGHT come in handy. When I started web surfing for handheld battery powered units I quickly became overwhelmed with the choices and features. Then I found this site and remembered I joined last year to see what some friends were up to with their cache hunting but wasn't interested in caching myself. So........ here I am, back again, only this time... interested! I did a search of caches in the Show Low area and there seem to be plenty so I'm getting a little excited about getting started but....... am so confused about the choices of units. Basically I want a unit that can/will: 1. Be capable of leaving a "bread crumb trail" if we go out hiking in order to help us not get lost if we make some wrong turns. 2. Be able to "Send to my GPS" when I want to upload a cache location from this website. 3. Display in color.... I like color! As long as it stays under $500, price isn't that big of a consideration but if I can get similar functionality from a cheaper unit I would certainly consider one. From what I have read so far, the units I find most appealing are the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx and the newer Garmin GPSMAP62st. I'm leaning towards the newer unit because it has built in topo maps but before making a purchase, wonder if they will be that useful in everyday hiking and geocaching! Any thoughts would be appreciated. Edit: Oops......... I just noticed there was another sub-forum for "GPS related discussions", please excuse a newbies mistake for posting here. Hopefully I will find some answers in the other forum as well but feel free to advice me on anything in this thread as well!
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