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  1. Why don't the admin have a special symbol or name that appears next to their regular name so it is obvious they are admin. Or just change where it normally says Geocacher or Charter Member to Admin. SilverRubicon
  2. So far I have been unable to find two different caches out of all the ones I have gone after. I have only been geocaching since the beginning of the year so I'm kind of new and still learning. Before reading the previous posts I didn't really think it was that big a deal not to log your did not finds. But after reading the posts above I now feel it is important to do so. So I have since gone back and logged my two previous did not finds in hope that they will help future seekers of that cache and the cache owner. Thanks everyone for opening my eyes to the importance of logging the do not finds as well as the finds. SilverRubicon
  3. quote:Originally posted by ScottJ:I never heard the term "anti-vegan" before. Now I know how to describe myself! They have a more common word for the same thing that I use to describe myself all the time. "Carnivore" SilverRubicon
  4. I don't recall anything mentioning when I purchased my GPSr that it would be transmitting my position and serial number. But if that is truly the case and it is the reason my batteries don't last very long then I want to disable it. I'm sure there must be a way and if someone out there knows how to I would sure like to know. Those lithium batteries aren't cheap you know. SilverRubicon
  5. quote:Originally posted by GRANDMASTER CACHE:You are correct. To be inclusive, however, we'd go after their actual organization of employ - the individual having acted as an agent and on behalf of said organization. I like the way you think. Before we are done not only will they be apologizing for their actions and statements they will be giving free admission for anyone showing up with a GPS.
  6. quote:Originally posted by WhereRWee?:I feel obligated to reply to AZAppels recent post attacking me regarding this incident and calling me and my 11 year old daughter “Stupid” and ruining this experience for others. Obviously AZApples has never made a mistake and is just as short sighted and ignorant as the person who requested that the cache be removed. As I stated in my earlier post the location where the picture was taken was on one of the walking paths. There were no signs, fencing, or other indications that this particular boulder was not to be examined by the public. As a mater of fact shortly before taking the picture I had spoken with the park ranger who advised me that the boulder had been struck by a bulldozer when the site was originally discovered by the Army Corps of Engineering. The boulder has heavy scarring from the bulldozer impact and the ranger was within 50 feet of us when we took the picture. As a matter of fact we took several photos at this boulder and he never said a single thing to us. During our tour to the site they had an exhibit inside of the museum where you could pick up and examine hammerstones that were used to create the petroglyphs. Your stupidity attacking me for an honest mistake is amazing. If the DVRAC does not want the public touching this boulder literally in the center of the walking path then they need to post a sign, or fence it off. Curiosity is natural and the location of this particular boulder invites the public to examine and even touch it. I apologized in my original post for my error and consider your reply as a personal attack against my daughter and me. Ken First let me say I agree with all those that have spoken in favor of reinstating this virtual cache. I don't believe based on the facts, as I know them thus far that they have any right to keep visitors from this location, whether they are geocachers or any other type. Should they intend to do so then we, as geocachers, have been discriminated against and have legal rights under the law to protect us. Now while I'm not a lawyer I would also suspect that a representative that has, in writing, said our type of patronage is not welcomed, could be held legally accountable for said statement. Secondly I want to speak about the post from AZAppels about WhereAreWee the cache owners and alleged guilty party. I hope that those words are out of ignorance and not malice. I would hope that someone that would write that would have done so because they failed to read all the previous post and don't have a clear understanding of the facts. Because if you have read the previous post that WhereAreWee posted then it is clearly not any fault on his or his daughters. I consider myself to be an educated, intelligent individual that is always respectful of others and their property. But I would have concluded the same thing if I had visited this place. If there is a bolder which has been placed in the middle of the walkway with neither rope, fence or sign stating it is not to be touched or photographed, I would conclude that is exactly what was intended to be done with said bolder. Let me be the first to say I don't feel you or your daughter has done anything wrong. And those that would are clearly uninformed of the situation.
  7. Deuce-and-a-half is a military term for a 2 1/2 ton truck.
  8. Want to see if this works
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