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  1. Suspose to work or not a class 6, 8GB works in my 62s. Loaded with maps and birdseye.
  2. I just sent my second 62s in for the squeaking problem, this time garmin replaced it with a 62st.
  3. I'll let you know as soon as I get my replacement in the mail. I am waiting on my replacement as well, should be here next week. Well my replacement 62s came in the mail today! It does still have a squeak on the side opposite of the power button but I think if I was not looking for it I would not notice it. I will have to give it a few days of use to see if the squeaking develops.
  4. I'll let you know as soon as I get my replacement in the mail. I am waiting on my replacement as well, should be here next week.
  5. Well at least we know why they call it a GPSMAP 62s, the s stands for squeaker. Just out of curiosity my squeaker serial number was 21f005xxx, is anyone else with a squeaker in the same range?
  6. I guess I am failing to see what the issuse is, it does not have a touch screen.
  7. When you get your replacement could you please post here if the replacement squeeks? Mine squeeks so bad that it feels like it may crack apart over time. It feels like the case integrity may be compromised. I took the battery cover off to see if that may be the cause of the squeek but it had no effect. It may or may not cause issues in the future but as stated by someone above, I paid too much money for something to sound so chinsey when handled in a normal way. If a replacement unit takes care of the problem then an RMA is in my future. Will do. I am hoping this is a isolated problem.
  8. Careful with the 'quick charger' as many of them will shorten the life of your batteries. A conditioning charger is your best choice...check out LaCrosse. In many cases the charger is actually more important than the batteries (as long as you're using quality batteries). +1 Quick charging can also cause the batteries to get hot. Plan ahead and charge your batteries over night. If you can get a charger that has an automatic trickle charge feature would be ideal as to not over charge the batteries. Also some of the lower quality rechargeables have a high discharge or leakage rate (can't remember what it's called). Meaning if not on a charger/trickle charge they will lose they're charge over time. Does the LaCrosse charge NiZN batteries? No. Your will need a completely different charger as they need to be charged in a different way than NIMH.
  9. I think you will find that most people will recommend (myself included) either eneloop or powerx brand rechargeables. If you are eager to try a different type, their are the new Nickel-Zinc rechargeables. A discussion about them is available here.
  10. Mine squeaks too. Amazing Garmin screwed that up when they had it in the BAG with the 60CSx case design. Mine feels like a brick s**t house...very solid. Guess they "forgot" how to build a quality case? I just returned mine to Garmin for the exact same problem. My case squeaked really bad the rep could even here it over the phone! I also made a post about it on the gpsmap wiki here.
  11. From the map screen press > menu > setup map > advance map setup > zoom levels > user waypoints > off. This will disable all your geocaches and waypoints from displaying on the map.
  12. Does it only shut down when you are driving?
  13. My gpsmap 62s came in the mail today!! So far it looks very promising. The screen does appear slightly brighter than the oregon 450t but I think it might just be an illusion as they have different resolutions. Looking forward to taking it out caching this weekend and putting it though its paces. A few quick pics:
  14. software version 4.00, gps sw version 0.00s Your gps isn't broken it just lost the gps software for the gps chipset, I believe if you run the webupdater you can reload. Otherwise, hang in there, this is a common problem with these models and someone should come along with the right advise to fix it.
  15. I remember the Triton series looking pretty slick as well....and look what happened.
  16. That's what I have been using as well, works great.
  17. I just tried transferring a geocache between my Colorado 300 and Oregon 450t, all the data was there that is contained in the gpx file! Both units are running the latest betas.
  18. The 3.42 fixed all of the map redraw issues for me.
  19. I have heard this on my Colorado 300 as well....I thought that I was imagining it since there was no alarm screen.
  20. Did the chipset change or is it still 4.46?
  21. ryan3295

    Wandering GPS

    Also make sure that it is not in battery save mode.
  22. ryan3295

    Oregon betas

    Tried my Oregon 450t today against my Colorado using the 3.52/4.46 beta software. All I can say is I am impressed!! Both my gpsr's agreed (within reason) on the distance traveled as well stopped and moving time. Even more impressive, was both recorded track log distances nearly matched the trip odometer!! I was even able to retain a WASS lock, although not the entire trip (I believe the Colorado did). My track was about 1 mile through the woods were my Oregon had trouble recording moving time in the spring with no leaves on the trees. The proof is in the pictures: WASS lock on the forest floor:
  23. Yep to bad for Lowrance, still glad I returned mine.
  24. Same problem here, don't know what happend. I just reloaded my geocache GPX file and the problem corrected itself.
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