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  1. You can copy your (unzipped) pocket queries directly to the unit or sd card, just place them in the gpx folder.
  2. These should come standard with all gpsmap 62 series.
  3. I found this quote on gpstracklog.com "maingray says: February 24, 2009 at 7:51 pm While the PN-40 can be used for highway routing, it’s really not comparable to having a dedicated auto GPS unit. You’ll only get a 2-D view, like the screen to the right. The worse drawback is that there are no spoken directions, just beeps and chirps. The maps are not as complete or current as those found on most auto units either.” Not sure you tested this very much, PN-40 is on the verge of abysmal for road routing. I feel it is pertinent to compare this to even the other Garmin “on the trail” handhelds loaded up with City Navigator, not just the dedicated car units. The routable included maps are terrible..and there isn’t any premium option for road based navigation. Topo-based roads (as opposed to dedicated maps such as Navteq) which are often in the wrong location on the map (try overlaying different map sets..) and not tabulated for one-way etc. Bridges across interstates are often interpreted as ramps. State Road designation (“Take a left on SR1323″.. no, I want to take a left on Main Street!) often supersedes the road name. Auto-routing (i.e route re-calculation after taking a wrong turn is slow and buggy). POI are topo-based as well, so sparse and often irrelevant. Why Delorme can’t release a copy of their autonavigation maps for their handhelds is beyond me. Great review otherwise, PN-40 is getting there. It just depends, as you state, how much you value imagery over other features. The geocaching paperless can only get better…. you might want to mention that someone has baked up a script to send GPX files to the unit rather than just one-by-one via the “send to” plugn on the gc.com page. You can find it on the Delorme community support forum (a great place for support Qs)." I want to avoid using dual gps units, I have always used one for street navigation and trail use. I guess if the recommended approach to the pn-60 for street navigation is to buy a dedicated car navigator, am I to assume that street routing is that bad on the pn-60?
  4. Isn't that the same math I did in the beginning? Thanks for restating my point.
  5. Well I went ahead and tried the paper shim method that is shown on the german forum, and it worked great. My 62st is now like a rock. I did have to apply shims on both sides, but it was no big deal and took about 15 min.
  6. Okay I have a bad case on the garmin woes...and the pn-60 seems to be offering what I am looking for. But I can find very little as to how good it is with street routing, will it be comparable to my current hand held garmins (oregon, gpsmap 62). Has anybody used both devises able to comment?
  7. I think the only reason the "german" method works is, they are adding rigidity to the case. Nothing to move, nothing to squeak. But I don't believe the squeaking is coming from the silicone gasket, it has to be coming from a plastic on plastic contact. Maybe from the two halves of the case rubbing from an undersize silicone gasket?? yogazoo, when you applied lube to the clamshell did you do it to both sides or just the gasket? In the end it doesn't really matter what the solution is, I just paid $450 dollars for this thing and this is the best garmin could do. We should not have to sit here and fiddle around with these things to get them to work as expected. I am on my third squeaker, I find it pretty hard to believe that garmin could have missed this prior to their production run.
  8. How much did you have to loosen the center screws on yours to make the squeaking stop?
  9. So...does that mean they (garmin or someone on the german site) have discovered a fix for the squeaking problem? Looking at the pictures (on the german site) it looks like they are using a rubber shim to eliminate the squeaking. I tried something similar except I attached some tape to the "ribs" with no avail. So either the squeaking is coming from the bottom on the ribs or between the two halfs of the case.
  10. Business opportunity with this: " T " Shirt with a squeak related logo. >>> I own a SQUEAKER >>> SQUEAK >>> REAL TOOLS DON'T SQUEAK >>> SERIOUS TOOLS DON'T SQUEAK ( For those with certain types of GPS'r units ) >>> I AM SQUEAKER, HEAR ME ROAR > SQUEAK < I'll take one, mabe two!! It would be money better spent than on a squeaky gpsmap.
  11. Best you can get would be to set the recording method to time and the interval to one second. Doing some math...if you averaged walking speed was 3 mph this would give you a track log point every 4.4 feet. However, the track log would be full after about 2.5 hours.
  12. I experience the same behavior, if your battery indicator isn't on full its about time to change the batteries.
  13. ryan3295


    Do you have any maps showing from the sd card at all? Will your computer recognize the sd card if you connect the gps to the computer? This has happened to me before with my Oregon 450, turned out to simply be that the sd card was not correctly inserted even though the tab was in the locked position.
  14. No, it's not "next to nothing". It's about Garmin putting out a piece of crap case that is almost EXACTLY the same as the 60CSx predecessor case and expecting customers to take it in the arse, as demonstrated by the reply in the post above. THAT case was just fine. Very solid but Garmin had to go and screw up a good thing that they had ALREADY FIGURED OUT? That's what most people are pissed about. All of mine squeaked with normal pressure, simply turning the gps on or off caused the noise. That can hardly be acceptable for a gps that is advertised as rugged.
  15. The gps version also changed with the 2.44 beta, from 4.48 to 4.52. You can access this info from the diagnostic screen (holding enter while powering up). Cannot wait to try it out!!
  16. Garmin is just rolling out the updates today.
  17. I exchanged emails with Garmin Support. They confirmed that the information about the problem has been sent to Engineering, but did not confirm whether Engineering had looked at it yet. They estimated that it would be a few days or weeks before we get any feedback of any sort from Engineering. I sent a polite letter to the VP of Marketing and the VP of Sales informing them of the issue. (No replies; I don't expect any.) I discussed the issue on several additional websites, to increase the issue's visibility (and thus the pressure on Garmin to fix it). I ordered two vuvuzelas from Amazon ... but that's for a different project. ...Sam There is new beta software out that might address your issues: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=5071
  18. * Improved accuracy of trip odometer. So did they updated the gps chipset firmware again??
  19. Just a few more and I can start building my dream house made of Garmin boxes!!!
  20. Well this is going to make everyone jealous. My third replacement for the squeaky 62s came today, a 62st, and it is solid -- no squeaks. I was beginning to think one did not exist!!
  21. As a Garmin customer for 10 years I have been thinking the same thing...that does not say much for Garmin.
  22. So did they replace your second squeaky unit?? I am still waiting on my third RMA'd unit to arrive for the squeaking problem. I am beginning to think that I should have learned my lesson about being an early adopter, my scars are still healing from the Colorado!!
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