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  1. How about this >> Check out the gps you like on Garmin website, click on the specs tab, and under the "Physical & Performance" there is a sections that says "PC interface:" to which the answer will be usb or serial. The interface is also clearly labled on the box. And I wouldn't say you can not find a new PC without a serial port, while I agree that they are becoming less common in modern computers, I did just buy a new PC (in the last 4 months) that came with a serial port.
  2. From the map screen press MENU < SETUP MAP < scrool over to the map information tap < MENU < SHOW BASEMAP. Hope this helps!
  3. Your model wouldn't be the 60csx (versus 60cs), if so I would try reinstalling the chip set software form Garmin's website.
  4. I updated my 60csx on windows Vista no problems
  5. The MN lakemaster is pretty nice, I have used it on Mille and it show hazard buoys and 1 foot depth contours (the list is on the Garmin web site for lakes that have one foot contours). It also shows generic depth contours for quite a few of the lakes in Mn, check the garmin online map viewer to make sure it has the one you want. It does contain roads, good enough to use it for navigation. However, it will not give you turn by turn directions with Mn lakemaster. One other down side is it does require and an unlock code to view the map data in your gps.
  6. ryan3295

    GPS Problems

    What version of the software are you using. I had the problems you describe with version 2.7, went back to 2.6 and the problem was gone.
  7. My friends gps 12 will lose all waypoints, location etc. when the batteries are removed. I am assuming that this means that the internal battery is dead. I have looked and there doesn't appear to be any obvious way of opening the case - is the battery ever user replaceable if so how do I go about opening the case.
  8. The unlock code is good for one gps and applies only to the gps is was unlocked for. The same unlock code will not work in another gps even is the maps are deleted in the previous gps.
  9. Here is the email I have sent garmin: Hi- I purchased a copy of City Navigator V8 North America sometime in March of this year. I have used the enclosed unlock to access the map data for my GPSMAP 60csx and had the understanding that I would be able to unlock CN for a second gps unit if I was the ower of that gps. Now, rumor has it effictive June 1, 2007 I will no longer be able to my second unlock code? Can this be true? And thre responce that I recieved: Hello, Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I apologize for the inconvenience. June 1st, 2007 there will no longer be a free 2nd unlock code available on City Navigator or the other mapping products. As of May 1st, 2007 there are no longer free updates for the City Navigator and City Select products for the following countries: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Middle East and North America. I apologize for any confusion.
  10. I have also sent garmin an email asking if I would be able to use my second unlock code after June 1. I'll wait and see what their reply is.
  11. I agree with RR, I mean after all, when a product as used as it should (suction cup + windsheild = normal use) , and fails I would rush out in a relentless search of a replacement also. I hope the Garmin rep told you to use velcro on the new one to avoid this problem in the first place!
  12. ryan3295

    60csx Ram-Mount

    Anyone using the ram-mount on their 60 series find it difficult to remove the gps? I find it takes a lot of work to remove the gps and was worried that I would break off the 'knob' on the back of the gps that the mount snaps onto. Any tips, suggestions for making this easier?
  13. Quick question: Does garmin's inland lake require an unlock code?
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