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  1. Thank you to everyone for helping here. I suppose it is bad form to ask for help here, but I was stuck. ignore lists aren't my cup of tea, so I suppose I will keep plugging away. If anyone is interested in working with me on this I will sign you on as co-ftf and send you any ftf prize that is in the cache. Email me dogtagz@hotmail.com if interested. Thank you all again.
  2. I also see the statue of liberty in the Stereogram Magic eye picture, so I went to GZ and looked around, nothing even resembles that in the area. No signs, labels, street names, buildings, nothing
  3. Yes, and he isn't helping. Which I understand since it has not been found yet. But i'm not a programmer guy and am looking for some insight on the code that may be in the description or picture.
  4. So there is a cacher in my area that is notorious for encryption and such. Im trying desperately to find this cache and apparently others are also, as of this date the cache has been active for 3 months with zero finds and 91 attempts at coordinate verification. Please any help on this would be greatly appreciated CG24J32 Liberty
  5. Army National Guard. 157th Artillery. Operation Noble Eagle III 03/2002 thru 03/2009. Fire Direction Control Sergeant. Thank you to those before me which allowed me to serve, and those current and future.
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