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  1. That is an option. We are going to properly check the area out soon. Got a couple of other spots we might try and do that with too (Statue Bases in a trail) and see if we can research if the building stone was local or not. For some reason lots was brought from elsewhere.
  2. For a true puzzle cache, where the posted coordinates are "bogus," a two mile rule of thumb applies. A multicache with a physical stage at the posted coordinates can have a final cache location hundreds of miles away. The test for listing a mystery/puzzle is not based on the distance of the final from the posted coordinates. Rather, look first at what's located at the posted coordinates. The "final" location might be at the coordinates provided, or within 2 miles of the "bogus" coords... OK cool we will look at maybe doing this as a Multi then. Thanks for the info!
  3. Just a quick question to see if anyone knows if these are still allowed. We have seen a couple of mystery caches where there are caches located in sister cities in different countries, where you have to get a cacher from the other city to help you find the co-ordinates to a mystery in your city. (If that makes any sense?) We are not talking about proxy logging a cache in another country. City A has a traditional with half the coordinates to a mystery in City A and half for a Mystery in City B. City B has a traditional with the other half of the coordinates for city A and half for City B. There is then the corresponding Mysteries in both City A and City B. So a finder would help someone from the other sister city to find the Mystery hidden in their city and visa versa.
  4. Hi All, We have currently developed 7 EarthCaches but have relied on signage to get the questions to answer in the past. The city we live in has a few spots that we feel would be worthy of developing into EarthCaches, but there is no interpretative signage. One is the edge of a Lava Flow where there is a steep hill but it is in the middle of town with no exposed rock. Would this be able to be developed? The only real activity we can think of is to measure the altitude at the top and bottom of the hill to get the thickness. Has anyone else seen one like this? Another is a road cutting with some interesting exposed folded and faulted sediments intruded by quartz. Not sure what activities to get people to do here apart from measuring some of the different layers. Any help or example of similar Earthcaches you have seen would be greatly appreciated!
  5. There is an EarthCache in New Zealand we noticed on a trip there. It is a weeks hike in and says it is a 3/5 D/T rating. The Co has stated if you use a helicopter they will delete your log (as if anyone has a chopper for Geocaching anyway ) Needless to say no-one has bothered to find it yet. GC1C31D is it's GC code.
  6. Maybe the number of virtuals one Geocacher can own could be looked at. Also, if there was some sort of proximity from your home where you were allowed to place them, for example 50 km's and you can place 1 or 2 only, it may stop lame ones from appearing.
  7. As long as you have logged your cache finds on the Groundspeak site there is probably no need to have them in the "Found Caches" section on the unit. If you check the "Trip Computer" section it shows you how many caches you have found next to the treasure chest. You can edit this in the setup "Geocaches" file if you need to.
  8. Do you see any attributes in this one? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC20 I see thorns, kid, boat and dog. Yes we can see the attributes in that one. You may be right in that people are just not putting them in when they publish the cache.
  9. so you are saying that except for yours, none of the other caches have attributes? Yes this is the case for us too
  10. We have made up a shadowbox photo frame to display our EarthCache Masters pin collection. The top 3 photos are from 3 different EarthCaches and the bottom two are also from EarthCaches but have my wife and I in them. It will go above our computer in the study.
  11. W7WT you could always let someone else maintain it for you. If you have any close friends who are Geocachers and you trust to give your password to they could look after it for you. Of course you need to trust them fully for that to happen.
  12. Hopefully there will be a way for those cachers not in the USA to buy one. None of the Aussie Groundspeak stores stock them and don't seem interested in doing so either. Any chance of them being in the store on EarthCache.org Geoaware?
  13. We received our Titanic coins in the mail today in Australia. I must say they really look fantastic. Thank you to Jim for keeping his word and getting the coins to us.
  14. Name of coin: Titanic remint Name of Vendor: GeocoinDesign Date Ordered: _June 20, 2008 Shipment Due Date: dunno, presales ended 7/4 1. CLAMM, 3 requests for a refund ignored - 2 emails sent via a reply from their store invoice; the third through their Contact Information on their website 2. TeamAmaroo, 2 coins, not yet received 3. holazola, 2 coins, not yet received (also ordered 6/20) = 103 days 4. Sunrayers, 9 coins-Not Yet Received (ordered 6/20) 5. Dusty Springfield - 12 Titanics and 20 Lady Lucks. Not yet received (ordered 6/23) 6. guinea_gal - 1 x Pre-Order Titanic Geocoin - Antique Copper NO ENAMELS (POTNEAC) 2 x Pre-Order Titanic Geocoin - Antique Silver Day Version (POTGASD) 7. McAdies, 3 coins, not yet recieved
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