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  1. Please don't blame me or dorkfish for your geocoin addiction LOL, I blame my Dad mostly, he keeps teasing me with his new purchases or trades, but you guys didn't help at all!! I'm just thrilled I had such good fortune at the event. Got me off to a good start. Truly a great day for it too, thanks again for all your hard work. If you all ever need help on future events please call me up!
  2. Very thankful for a life well lived and the perspective to continual be kind and generous to all living beings. Thankful for all the love and light that has been present in my life!
  3. Well, went to my first geocoin event this past weekend. I've always loved coins but don't have the finances to become a collector. I was very lucky to have won a couple in the raffle this past weekend but then I also looked around and began drooling. I think my tastes fall to the uniquely shaped, nicely colored coins that have some personal meaning to me. I love Mauison's fish hooks. Beautiful I also love the 'joefrog' froggie, too cute. and of course the Tsun is great too. I've never seen anything out there with bears on it but I would love something with black bears. Maybe there's my first coin? Guess I'm in for it now that I've got a few...just can't stop.
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