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  1. this is one i posted for Jekyll Island Battery I started at the listed cords for parking. Aw crap! Yah literally, crap right next to the truck. Luckily I missed it. Then headed out for cache. Gps in hand, sunglasses on head, travel bug in pocket. Holy cow at the skeeters! I proceeded to cache, whoa black snake! Ah man these skeeters are vicious! Found gun battery. Dangit don’t these things take a break? (trip fall) Hey what’s this? A survey marker. Cool! These bloodthirsty things are everywhere. I should have brought the camera. So back to the truck it’s only 480’ away. Dang it, (coughing) now I have swallowed skeeter. Back at truck, don’t step in that, retrieve camera. Head back to cache site. What the...? Lizards okay. I hope they are eating these skeeters. Finally take pics of gun battery and survey marker thru the skeeters. Sign log in blood from dead skeeters. Took a rock painted like a bee. Left Raymond the Rhino travel bug. Hope his hide fairs better than mine. Okay time to return to the truck and leave the skeeters. Whoa! Black snake again! Finally back to truck. Have a drink of water, crank truck put on sunglasses. Oh no! Where are my sunglasses? Dangit I got to go back thru the skeeters again. I rapidly return to cache jump over black snake. Swallow more skeeters. Find glasses next to survey marker where I tripped. Return to truck. Aw crap, didn’t miss it this time. Finally back in truck. Remove 3 ticks and evict remaining skeeters from truck. Man I must love this hobby! cqedens137
  2. i feel the same way. lots of times the hints makes it to easy. i will usually go back and read the hints after i have found the cache. just to see what some one wrote and how helpfull it might have been.
  3. here is list of some useless hints i have had: "Didn't I just tell you there was a sign? Read." i did! "next to a palmetto bush" really which one "This is a now a THREE leg multi-cache. The first TWO legs are business cards taped to trees.Final location; Take the coordinates and subtract .106 and .222 respectivly." why do i need to waste my time with hunting for the cards? "was about four feet above ground" really? what about now? "gol" wtf? "Yup, the big boat." i can see the boat. what about the cache?
  4. haven't found any caches with legs. do they move around alot? what a great idea! cqedens137
  5. insert a stick in the hiding spot first. cqedens137
  6. cache container: a training/testing device for the law enforcement's bomb squad. cqedens137
  7. cacheculus: math that in someway involves converting letters into numbers encrypted description: the source of many headaches description decrypted: the relief of many headaches cqedens137
  8. looks like maybe you are hunting for micros. they are difficult for first finds. the light pole cache you described did you undo the 'electrical access cover' (not recomended!), or did you lift the 'lamp skirt' (sheetmetal covering the bolts that hold up the lamp pole)? no tools are needed. try some regular sized caches first. they will be somewhat easier to find. cqedens137
  9. ROFLMAO!!! Oh man, I've done that dance more than a few times in the woods in SoAla and NWFla! Did it this morning! BTW - Newbie here Hi all! same here. i thought of this thread when it happend this afternoon. welcome to the the group skillet68
  10. geoarachnophobic dance: the movement made by a cacher that has just walked thru a spider web.
  11. I agree 100%. I'd agree more, if that were possible!! I have six hundred and whatever finds. I know they're all legitimate finds, and if someone wanted to track down all six hundred and whatever log books, they'd find my name in there (and the more recent ones would find my dog's name, logging her find, too!). edit: I know my finds are all good. I don't care at all how many finds anyone else claims - it in no way diminishes the fun I have caching! these guys are right play the game/hobby/sport the way you see fit. let the numbers and icon hoes have their fun while the rest of us go caching the way the game was designed in the first place. my competion is myself cause. i could careless what others counts are. what i get out of this sport is the hunt and thats the satisfaction for me.
  12. hey if you find this tick please don't burn, crush, flush,or feed him to your fly trap he is not suposed to bite cqedens137
  13. I just removed 3 yesterday after caching. I would much rather deal with a few ticks than a few hundred hungry skeeters. So don't let some stupid spider ruin your caching fun. I have been camping for over 25 years. Ticks are just part of being outdoors. When you do get home check everywhere because they like softer skin areas best. All you need to-do is take some tweezers to remove them and treat it with some sort of antiseptic. The bite will heal like a skeeter bite. If it remains irritated or swollen then get it seen about.
  14. I spend my work days repairing equipment all over se georgia. And dealing with owners that want to argue over the repair bill. So geocaching helps breaks up the long daily drives and is relaxing to me. I even find the enjoyment with dnf's just cause of the stop. It's very interesting all of the things that I would not normally see or notice if it wasn't for caching. the fame: don't want it the fortune: still looking the women: haven't found the cache of those yet cqedens137
  15. the way i check mine is with the electronic speed limit sign near town.these signs use radar gun to let you know how fast you are going. the gpsr has always been dead on with the sign. the speedo in my jeep is way off. cqedens137
  16. for the caches that are well off the beaten trail: 'where the streets have no name' by u2 for the long hike: 'travelin' light' by eric clapton for the muggled cache: 'gone daddy gone' by the violent femmes bad weather day: 'here comes the rain again' by the eurythmics when you meet another cacher on the trail: ' strangers when we meet' by david bowie when you follow another cacher: 'walking in you footsteps' by the police when your travel bug goes missing: 'can't stand losing you' by the police now sat signal: 'all screwed up' by acdc for the ftf's: 'i want it' by jackyl night caching: 'shot in the dark' by ozzy osbourne for the dnf's: 'i hung my head' by sting when you find all the caches you can: 'it's the end of the world as we know it' by rem for all the cacher out there: 'spirits in the material world' by the police cqedens137
  17. we have one in savannah, ga that uses bottle caps with reflective tape inside. it made for an interesting hunt at night. Beware The Bats
  18. weekends and wheeling trips is a 1981 cj7 during work hours it is a 2000 f250 company truck (someone esles gas and up keep).
  19. Main Menu -> Find -> Waypoints -> Nearest (or By Name). Go up to the top right menu, Click the 'Page' icon - Next to the 'X' Button. Select Delete All. mine will then ask if you want to delete by type. which is convinent for up dating caches.
  20. goldfishy if you make it to the southeast look us up low country mud rats. jeeping happens to be my first passion along with camping, kayaking and of course geocaching. as for the uniform thing well i can't have everything. cqedens137
  21. was reading this thread and had to point out what 'they' do not only to locked caches but unlocked ones to. May 24, 2004 by BBadMonkey (237 found) I have not verified it yet, but it's been reported that a group of Chatham County's finest armed with a water cannon have violated the Cache. I'll disable it for now, until the container can be replaced with something less menacing. I knew better than place an ammo can in such a high traffic area. you can read the rest of the story at BBadMonkey's lake mayor cache GCJ19Z.
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