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  1. I don't understand that about women. Why do they hate our hobbies so much? Especially when I participate in hobbies that help me stay active and even moreso, she can participate in them as well. She is the one who taught me the basics of chess and the mere mention of chess brings scowl. I was introduced to Geocaching two weeks ago and I hunt the easier ones and even got her to go on one and still, it gets her riled at the mere mention. Why are women against men doing something besides staying at home doing absolutely nothing. ESPN and Golf channel are banned. It is a genetic predisposition that women want their men to be without fun or activity. Maybe I am wrong but I am starting to think this is true.
  2. Makes me wonder about all those adventurous moments where I thought I got away with it, I just might not have. hmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Jesse, KC2IYH in Tennessee. Technician, about to make the leap...
  4. Iwill see what I can do. That is a Canadian call sign just in case you were wondering...
  5. I use a Maggellan 310 and would never change that. Using a basic GPS is very adventurous. Searching for a cache by using the basic GPS, I took roads I never knew existed. I found interesting landmarks and site I probably would otherwise never see. Don't underestimate the basic units. ANYONE can use a GPS with a cool display. Try using the basic coordinates view with that weird little arrow and see how much more adventure and fun awaits you.
  6. On another note, I tried connecting my GPS to my laptop to try and get it to track me and it showed me driving in the river. After attempting Geocaching the other day, it had me on the opposite side of the cemetery from where the cache is. Turns out, I had the wrong datum set on my unit and thanks to geocaching, I figured out what was wrong and was able to correct. Today I tested it with my laptop and using MS Streets and Maps, it was deadon. I was not driving in the river after all. I actually was driving on the road. Imagine that...
  7. I guess geocaching could help make a person comfortable and familiar with using a GPSr in general, but I can't really see how it would help much with the actual SaR. In geocaching, you already know exactly (within 50ft or less, usually) where the "subject" is, you just need to navigate there. In SaR you only have a general idea where to look, I don't see how a GPS would help you find the subject. I can see it could help with co-ordinating the search though, and preventing the searchers from becoming lost themselves. In finding the subject, the GPS would have little use other than reporting to the Incident Commander your current location. The real use of GPS is after the find or when you are recalled and that would be to find the CP.
  8. kc2iyh

    GPS Formats

    Wow, thats what I thought but someone once debated that with them adamantly that dd mm.dec was the second most accurate and UTM was more. I was not sure how UTM worked so I had nothing to offer there but was under the impression the difference between dd mm ss and dd mm.dec was just simply a conversion. Thanks for clearing that up and hello from Columbia. See you on the GC hunts.
  9. kc2iyh

    GPS Formats

    Which one is more accurate? dd mm.dec, deg mm ss or UTM?
  10. I see alot of groups and individuals have had success - some incidental- in getting print media interested in writing articles about geocaching. I wonder if anyone ever approached PBS or NPR about doing something. We could play up the preparedness angle like getting familiar with GPS's and being able to use them in emergencies and the public service angles like CITO and other special events. PBS and NPR are constantly looking for stories of public interest that no one else wants to cover.
  11. As long as they do not require a purchase or hassle cachers who do not come in and buy something, I say no problem. A national restaurant like Cracker Barrel could easily become a 'legend' in the cache world and a novelty for those of us who enjoy cache hunting and cracker barrel food. Could be an excellent way to get my wife involved in caching.
  12. It is my ham radio call sign and since they are as unique as Social Security numbers, I use that on a lot of online groups and stuff.
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