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  1. I turned mine off because it was screwing me up, which was also happening to my neighbor as well. When I had it turned on, the map would not re-draw as I got close to the cache. I was having to turn the unit off and then back on to get the map to zoom in correctly. I personally recommend turning it off.
  2. I wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work on this, it must be frustrating for you to reveal all your hard work and get these flood of comments (mine included). Good luck getting the kwirks out. Most of what I saw was a great improvement! You deserve a drink (or a few) and nice dinner.
  3. lost the ability to preview maps in the pocket query. I loved that feature, especially since I am heading on a road trip this weekend.
  4. I am visiting family in the Phoenix are and have been caching around the Chandler area. I always enjoy reading peoples logs, I find it amusing. I did notice particularly condescending notes by one person who completed a row of caches and seems to be targeting one particular cache owner. The were several of these logs and it actually prompted me to look who the heck this guy was and I noticed he actually has the cache owner targeted on his profile page. Most are similar to this partial note. It's not so much what he is saying but how he is saying it, as if he is the authority of all caches and unless is meets their aproval or proper amusement then it's crap. He has made it clear that he does not like caches in a row "Power trail" I believe is the term he used, so if he does not like them then why bother doing them. It's very obvious on the map that it's a row of caches. If it's just going to make your blood pressure rise and make you a grumpy butt then what's the point. If I noticed a similarity that I didn't really like, then I would just enjoy the walk and stop looking. If you are going to be a high #'s person then you have to take the good with the bad and realize there is something hiding out there for everyone. I know if I pull up and it doesn't look like a cache that would be my kind of fun I make a decision do I do it or go to the next. For example, I do not like puzzle caches, I don't rip on the owner for placing it, I just choose not to do it, now a 2 mile hike I thrive on those. I actually really liked this particular row of caches because it gave me a great excuse to go for a walk. There are many people who like many different types of caches that's what makes it fun. thank goodness we have not run into any of these grumpy butts in Denver.
  5. I actually found this cache a few weeks ago, I guess just in time. The location didn't seem bothersome to me , I didn't think it was that close to the bank building itself, it was in the bushes across the parking lot. I can't remember if it was marked as a Geocache on the outside or not. Too bad for the Jeep that went with it, but a great story!
  6. I am so glad to hear others have run into this! I decided to take a break from the family renunion pic nic this weekend and find some caches in the area. One was a 4 part multi and I had hiked about 2 miles to get to the final. So I was bush wacking towards these Huge boulders and I see these 2 heads sticking out above the top of the boulders. I see that according to my GPSr that they are very near the cach location - So I yell "oh you must be doing the same thing I am doing" thinking they were fellow geo-cachers. Then I notice the pile of clothes on the ground to the left and a gal struggling to get her underwear on to the right, and thought OOPS MAYBE NOT. Being that I walked 2 miles to get this thing I was not going to walk away from the cache. So luckily the cache was on one side of an 8' boulder they were on the other. I yelled "I'll be out of here in a few minutes" quickly signed the log, didn't even look at what goodies were in the box, yelled "sorry I am out of here" and got the HECK out of there! I laughed so hard all the way back. The family got a real kick out of it when I explained the "treasure" I had found. Thank goodness I didn't have my 3 year old with me, as she usually goes with me.
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