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  1. I sit here still trying to make sense of all of this. EC are my favorite cache to find and I've never hid one yet. I had started working on getting permission from different individuals for the placement of EC in my area in the fall of 09. I had been looking around and had logged some of CavScout's EC back in March of 09 and really liked how he had them set up. I knew CavScout had a ton of EC hides, so the day after Thanksgiving me and my daughter made the 450 mile drive up to where CavScout is located for an EC run. I wanted to "experience" other types of EC that I had not done in the past. I talked to CavScout on the phone many times and he was always very helpful and offered his help if I needed it in developing new EC. The trip was mainly to make sure that when I started submitting EC I wouldn't be going at it half-cocked and just make a big mess out of an EC listing. I knew that the old service was going be shut down at the end of November, so I decided to wait till the new one was online. Yesterday I notice Gc is down and call CavScout and tell him and not 30 minutes after I hang up the phone he calls me back and says the new system is online. I'm thinking now I can get the ball back rolling and start sending EC in. Then I get home last night and find out that a picture can not be required? You gotta be kidding, right? I mean whats the point of getting excited, working your tail off getting permission, working the listing up, then going back and forth to get it published, only for it to be logged by anyone without even being on site. There's no container and a picture is so simple. I sure wish the powers that be would seriously reconsider the picture option and let the owner decide if he/she wants to make it a requirement.
  2. Same here, I started back in November getting things situated, only to find out the old system was going down at the end of the month. So, I figured I wouldn't try to rush at the last minute and just wait till the new system gets going.
  3. That is exactly the reason I drove all the way to Kentucky, was for all the ec. Also to kinda get more of a feel while looking at listings to where I would have a broader spectrum of what to do. Now I'm almost ready to start filling in some of Ms and Al with more ec.
  4. Olympus 1030sw which is shockproof waterproof freeze proof to take the place of my nikon digital camera. I've been using it about a month now and it seems to be perfect for caching. I think the last 4 or five times i've been out its been raining, so its good that it's waterproof.
  5. https://www.kjmagnetics.com/ This place is the Mac-Daddy for magnets. Any shape size or whatever you want. Be sure and use a good quality 2-part adhesive. Loctite makes some that is 3200psi of strength that you can get at lowes and just cost a few bucks.
  6. Pocket querries can take a bit to get used to. you got to make sure you checked a day for it to run. Remember that if today is monday the quickest you can run one is tuesday. If you check monday it will be next monday before you get anything. Always preview your search after you submit it to make sure you are going to get what you want. After you do it a few times you'll get it.
  7. Read the ENTIRE cache page. Pay attention to the title and the cache description. Look at the hint. Read through ALL the logs for additional clues. I have went back to the truck many many times while looking for a cache to re-read a listing. Only to see something that I overlooked by mistake, but every cacher does it. If someone says that they haven't they are lying to you.
  8. I've had a 60csx for 2 years and love it. There are some features that the 60 has that the colorado wont do and there are things the colorado does that the 60 wont do. The worst thing about the colorado I've seen is if you are workin a multi and are manually entering coords it is alot tougher to do than on a 60. Get the oregon with the touch screen.
  9. I have used caches along route many times with no problems, but for the last week I keep getting a message saying "Internet explorer cannot open this site" . I am getting this message on the step when I click create pocket querry. I have even tried some of my previous saved routes and routes that others have saved with no luck. Like I said I've used it before several times, but something is not right. I just need a little help. Thanks
  10. Dude, that is way too many. Alot of cachers look the other way if it is more than 3 waypoints. You'll go nuts trying to keep 50 waypoints runnin.
  11. I use the 60csx. I like the features that it comes with. I keep a topo card in mine all the time and that is one thing that is important to me. I use mine for alot more than just caching. I like the buttons at the bottom rather than the top like the 76 is. Waterproof is a must also. But this is what works for me and that is not what works for other people.
  12. I was curious about this since i have a nokia. I have looked but may not be looking in the right place. just thought i would ask before i went ahead and bought something else to use. thanks
  13. my flashlight of choice is a streamlight. they make several models, all are very rugged. i have had mine for over 11 years and have had to put one new battery stick in it. mine is rechargeable in the vehicle also which is nice.
  14. This is what i do sometimes. I have a 350 and if i am in an area that i'm not familiar with i will put the coordinates in it to guide me in the truck to it, which is very helpfull at times. Because the handhelds for the most part will not tell you which roads to take to get you there, they just show you a straight line and you have to figure out the roads Then i pick up my garmin 60csx that has the coordinates loaded from the website (which is very cool feature) and start huntin . if you can leave the 350 in car because it is not very rugged to take some of the abuse that caching can dish out, besides everyone needs 2 units anyhow. stick with garmin it is the cadillac in my opinion.
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