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  1. Thanks Huntleigh for the tip with the GPS Society. I had visit the website before but forgot about the forum, I will post there too.

    The naming convention thing is very interesting too.


    Thanks kjwx, of course I'm happy to answer some questions and reverse I would love to interview you about your implanted trackable, if it's ok I would mail you some questions too :-)

  2. Hello fellow geocachers,


    my name is Mattea (M@tea on geocaching.com) I'm original from Germany and I'm pretty new to Geocaching, but in just a few weeks I became really passionate about it. And because I'm here for one year to do my Bachelor degree in Communication Design I thought that Geocaching is the perfect topic for my final project. So I came up with the idea of creating a series of books dealing with Geocaching in different countries. They should be Trackables and travel from cache to cache, so be in the possession of a cacher for some time to read it, before continuing its journey.

    I will design the edition for New Zealand and for this I'm after some nice, adventurous, exciting Geocaching stories in New Zealand. What have you experienced being out geocaching in this amazing country?

    Furthermore ...

    Any funny NZ muggle experiences?

    What are your favorite caches / routes / spots?

    Any remarkable Mystery Caches?

    What is special about Geocaching in NZ?

    I would be very happy if some of you are willing to help me with this project and happy about any sort of contribution, whether complete formulated stories or smaller input.

    Of course you would be mentioned as a contributor in the imprint :-)

    Thank you in advance


    Cheers Mattea :D

    You could either leave a comment here or send me an email at matteas@web.de

    I'm of course pleased about every question and suggestions, too.

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