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  1. While I enjoyed the latest update to the Geocaching(R) app, I can now NOT use it with the cachetur app on my phone. I've talked to their Support and they cannot find a problem. I did check in my phone's setting that the Geocaching(R) app would be used by default when a geocache was selected, but it continually goes to the web site and NOT the app. This is very frustrating as it worked before the last update, and I found it very useful. If anyone can suggest a solution, I'd really appreciate it. green_words
  2. I logged 5 locations in an adventure lab yesterday morning. Still no points as of today. Nyykole says there will be a fix. Any idea when? Also will I get points of each location or for the AL as a whole. The scoring text is not clear.
  3. I tried the new add list to GPS and it worked. But I've updated the list, so do I just send to Garmin again? Will it overwrite the existing list or just add the new entries? Or will it mess things up?
  4. Great idea. Spreading the word
  5. But all I want to do in register my new Oregon 600. So painful.
  6. I've used the new app once, and I'm wondering who this new app is targeted at age-wise. I found the icons a bit small and the navigation had changed. I realize that smartphones are really targeted at younger people, but these days, they are used by anyone who is willing to learn and pay for them. I'm wondering if you beta-tested the new app with all ages. Just curious. Green_Words
  7. I found a travel bug in Germany in a ziploc bag with a card describing its purpose and who started it off. Is this a "might have" (the bag and purpose) when dropping off a travel bug? Or is it country specific?
  8. Using Google Translate is fine on a tablet, but not on a phone. So to cache I need my geocaching app and chrome and switch back and forth. Not very convenient. Has anyone asked Groundspeak if they're adding a translate button to cache descriptions?
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