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  1. What'll ya' take for it now,if you haven't listed it again on Ebay? PPP
  2. GGA GGA GGA ]A vote for the GGA is a vote for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY!!!!!We care for our wives ,widows and orphans..We embody that pioneer spirit that made this a GREAT NATION ! WE ARE NO. ONE [ 1 ]!!! BTW, I am sick and in need of a brain operation,and this Staff would be auctioned off to,first take care of our wives ,widows ,and orphans and any remainder to go to my operation. Poppoppig
  3. Can any of you old pros describe a "Palatka" cache for this rookie? Please. Thank you, PPP
  4. Melor, I believe you seek approval for removing that "dark blot" on your finds total!!I think you've seen it's not considered a dark blot by most experienced cachers;but the main thing you're all forgetting is the DNF POLICE!!! They will come get you! PPP
  5. Gallet, Thanks for the reply and help. PPP
  6. Chu, I'm sure you saw where I said: " I see the Venture HC and the Venture CX." I did look and did not see a Venture HCx. That was my question, and there is even mention of one in another topic in the Getting Started forum today. It must be discontinued,thanks for your not being a smart aleck!!
  7. Have I just flipped or am I just imagining that Garmin had a Venture HCx model? I see the Venture HC and the Venture CX. Help, please.
  8. I'm just a rookie,but I'm successful using briansnat's approach.
  9. shwmethecache, Is your Venture the one gallet posted a picture of?
  10. Second honeymoon,Dick?? Poppop
  11. Dick, Congrats on your first 2 finds, and let me be the first to say " I told ya' so! " Poppop
  12. Quigley, Where did you see the Legend HCx for $200 ? Thanks in advance. PPP
  13. What is an "ignored cache "? Have you already found these caches;are they yours? If you don't want to find them,don't bother with 'em! Poppoppig
  14. Dick and Pat, Let me be the first to welcome ya'll to Geocaching and Groundspeak. Especially nice ,since Dick is already a friend from the detecting forums. Good luck on Cache No. 1 and welcome to the RV'n Iowans. Poppoppig
  15. My Dad was a good fisherman and a very patient person;when I would get frustrated from not catching fish all the time,he would say if we caught fish ALL THE TIME it would be called CATCHING ,and not FISHING!! There has to be DNFs!! AMEN?? Poppoppig
  16. Duckfart, Nice unit,but what I was wondering is I've always heard a duck's quack had no echo! How about it's fart?
  17. What's the chances,with all that has been written lately on LPCs,that the forum is " having its leg pulled " ?? PPP
  18. My second try on this " heavily wooded " cache. After one DNF,I had a general idea of the placement, I stayed on the walking path ( to keep my signal ) a little longer than my Etrex was telling me, and then when the distance numbers started going back up,about 90º from where I thought the cache was I turned into the woods.Distance numbers kept going down,but unit was going crazy and finally settled on due West. I knew this could not be exactly right,tried to get a look at clear sky,too thick. Frustrated,like before,but determined . Then nature called( remember it's heavily wooded ),and as I stand there pondering my situation,I look to my right,and there it is!! My GPSr was still reading due west,but distance was bouncing around finally down to 25 feet. So! when all else fails, take a **** break!! Poppoppig
  19. " Try to place your cache in an out-of-the way part of the grounds where traffic to and from the cache will not disturb the residents." Is that considered graveyard humor? PPP
  20. I gotcha! Thank you ! PPP
  21. Sorry for my ignorance,I searched and couldn't find it. Closing at request of OP.
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