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  1. Are we allowed to use signal the frog's image for say my signature stamp? If so, where could I find one that is a simple black and white rendering?
  2. Sounds like you need a different boyfriend. Naa. He's alright, we'll just be busy with wedding stuff for his brother since that is the reason we'll be in town. So I'm just assuming we'll only have the opportunity to go a couple of times.
  3. Vegas Gambler, thanks for the website. I would greatly appreciate you starting a thread for me there. Lagrac, I would be very interested to know which night caches you speak of so I could check out the cache pages. And I appreciate the heads up on the park passes. emmy1515, I may just have to take you up on that offer for a lifeline. As much as I love caching, I have a feeing that I'll only be able to convince the bf to go a couple of times, so I'd really like to find some especially good ones!
  4. My bf and I are heading to Eau Claire, WI for Christmas this year and I'd like to plan on filling some of our days with caching adventures. 1. Are there any super interesting MUST FIND caches in the area? 2. Are there any events nearby that we maybe can drop in on? 3. Anyone out there willing to be a lifeline in the event we get stumped? 4. Any other pertinent information/questions that I should know/ask? Thanks in advance for all your help!
  5. Ok, if I right click, there is no "view background image" option... am I doing something wrong?
  6. Neos2, Thanks for the very detailed reply. Geocaching is not the only reason that I want to teach, I have thought of teaching as a profession before. And you are right, it is not for everyone. I have had much experience working with kids through my involvement with the 4-H extension office, girl scouts, and other PR things I've done as an elite athlete for the US (as a chaperon, as a activity leader, as a representative, as a coach, teacher, etc.) I will certainly not be making any life changing decisions about this whole teaching thing until I have sub at least for awhile. I just started to realize that for some of the programs that are in my area, you must apply so far in advance, its good to know what all needs to be done so I may do it in a timely fashion if I so choose. In fact, at this point I still don't know if I want to be an elementary teacher or if I want to be a secondary teacher and specialize in something...that's gonna be part of the subbing I think. Anyway, I really appreciate your reply, it is very helpful.
  7. Hi! I'm a college graduate with a BS in Business (emphasis in marketing) and minors in Organizational Management and Communications. I graduated in 2005 and have yet to find a "real" job in marketing/business that I am interested in and/or qualified for, or any at all for that matter (but that's besides the point.) I found geocaching in February of this year, but really didn't get into it until late July. I really enjoy it and have enjoyed the few experiences of team building and communications that I've had while incorporating other people on these hunts. I love the idea of geocaching and really appreciate the fact that it gets us out there with a fun objective. A friend of mine recently recommended that I give substitute teaching a try to see if it is an area that I'm interested in. I love working with kids and really love to teach creatively. When I started reading this forum, I got really excited about using this in teaching. To make a long explanation short, I guess what I'd like from all of you out there is your opinion on the best way to get my teaching degree and what I should get my Masters in to effectively utilize this wonderful activity to teach. Oh and at this point I think I'm interested in teaching elementary school so that I can use geocaching as more than just a geography project. Any input would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, it's so refreshing to hear about this opportunity being taken advantage of for a 4-H project. I have tinkered with the idea of creating a "project" just for our 4-H kids here in town. Though I never was in 4-H myself, I worked in the 4-H office in El Paso County, CO for a few years. For those of you thinking of using this as a project in the future, I know that our county offers a "self-determined" project booklet for members to design their own project if we don't already have one in that subject area. Then the State has a standard E-Record that must be filled out for all projects as well. Fulfilling these requirements would be sufficient for any age member in completing the project. However, I know that the "self-determined" projects are considered a COUNTY project and though they might be very excellent, would not be able to go to state because it would have nothing to compete against. You see, all counties in CO have a selection of their very own projects that they've put together, considered county projects. Though members can compete in them, they can not be sent on to the State Fair. It's unfortunate, but with no other comparison, you wouldn't want someones Renaissance Metal Urgy project to be compared with a Geocaching project. Anyway, one other note on the judge who interviewed your daughter... I have been asked to be a judge on several occasions and also have been asked to organize who judges what. Though I try to have people judge areas they have some knowledge about, that doesn't always happen, and isn't always necessary. If we have 40 member competing in cake decorating, and only one in candy making, I may use that same judge simple because we can't hire another judge just for one project. Our judges are given a small information packet before they arrive at fair interview day consisting of the requirements for the project that they are judging, and possibly a copy of any project manual if that helps their understanding. Being a judge is a volunteer job after all, and they are (at least in our county) expected to judge from 8a to 4p in a very hot building with a new person every ten minutes. From my experience, it's a lot to handle and after awhile you just sorta go into overload. I'm not trying to make excuses, but they do have their work cut out for them. And just as a side note, whenever I got projects that were not a standard county/state project, I always asked more questions, but since I knew nothing about the project, I was being taught instead of really interviewing if that makes sense. So some of the trouble so learning to judge a project based on minimal knowledge in a 5-10 minute interview and then compare it to everything else in the category. Sorry this is so long, I hope it is some what helpful. And this is just my understanding our 4-H system in El Paso County and my personal expriences with that system.
  9. I think it would be great if you've selected yes to the "ARE YOU REALLY SURE YOU WANNA LET THIS WEBSITE SEND SOMETHING TO YOUR GPS?" question once, you shouldn't have to agree again. OR Allow multiple caches to be checked and sent to the gps all at once. Is this possible?
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