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  1. Sorry for the premature question. Got it figured out. Thanks anyway, Scoob
  2. Thanks Chris, That should do the trick. I think I should be able to squeeze the data I need from 1 card. Isle of Skye. Very Beautiful place!! Clair, I'm thinking of getting that same unit. Where did you buy? Thanks, Scoob
  3. I'm heading to Scotland in a couple of weeks and I want to grab a couple of points over there. I haven't purchased a GPS unit yet, but was leaning towards a Garmin Venture Cx. I wanted to get some maps on the unit for scotland, and then BAM!! I saw the price... $300 dang dollars. More than the GPS unit!! Anyone have any alternatives? It seems like a large expenditure for 3 weeks. But I'd love to have data like that for the trip. Thanks, Scoob
  4. Thanks for the info. I am starting from scratch, so I was thinking of getting a unit that basically did everything. It's not that money's no object, but I will stretch a bit to get the right tool for the job.
  5. Question for those who have experience with this... What would be the best GPS to get that is caching friendly (i.e. the various utilities and whatnot to be found on this website). Thanks, Ruhhh Rohhh
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