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  1. Just keep finds to REAL finds...
  2. There are way to many event's out there that only have 6-9 people in attendence. Groundspeak has taking away so many hide styles. Why not events?
  3. Groundspeak should remove cache events from the " numbers" . Seems there are way to many events and only 7-8 people attend ( atleast around peoria,il.). If it's a mega event, atleast 50-100 people attend that would be great. So many hide styles have been taking away do away with all these little events. Seems people are just trying to juke there numbers. It's time to get out and find good caches...
  4. Looking for a NO CRY BABIES geocoin.
  5. Looking to buy a NO CRY BABIES geocoin.
  6. Modt cachers take pretty good for not being in heat...
  7. I decided to make a call to the surplus store. The man said they did not have any at this time but had ordered some. I explained what had happened with his clerk and what she had said. Said he has had problms wiy her in the past. Sorry if i caused any worries...
  8. I did a multi that lead you to a pay by the month storage place. It was only up for one month. Now that's a big cache...
  9. I stopped by my local surplus store and asked to by an ammo can. The clerk said that a new law bans the sale of ammo cans and they had to destroy there invetory. WOW! What's next? :0 Any truth to this?
  10. As far as i know P.B was'nt the one doing the crying but he does alot of it. We have a lot of geopolice in the area. I need to remember that not everyone can do what i can do when placing a cache, except the one that will be out this weekend,OH wait,don't want to give anything away. So let this thing go. Just remember,if you can't do it, walk away! Don't ruin it for those that can...Bri13....................
  11. GC1B9EM:My river view I had recieved an email from a local cacher. He stated that the city didn't want liabilty if someone got hurt. After all the crap with the insane cache. I didn't wat to hear all the crying.As for unarchiving it, 2 days later a new cache popped up about 500ft away. The whole thing sucks. I've done alot harder things for a find.The holier then thou attitued of the local cachers just takes the fun out of it. [Edited by moderator for potty language. Please express your opinions politely.]
  12. GC1B9EM:My river view GC1A5VJ:Insane! These are 2of the caches that got archived.
  13. Recently in my area some caches had to be archived do to the geopolice/geocrybabbies.One of mine was included. I have a physically demanding job and i am in pretty goog shape. I enjoy a physically challenging cache, and would like to see more in my area. Everyone knows there limits. I don't understand why they have to ruin it for others. Why not just walk away. Anyone had any problms like this? Any ideas what to do?
  14. I got FTF on all of joranda's extreme cache's .We got a new one in our area ''INSANE?'' Join the club.GC1A5VJ.It's the craziest thing i've ever done for a cache.Joranda won't even do it.
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