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  1. Both units have sold Thanks Funyet
  2. I just ran across my copy of the DVD guide for the GPSmap 76S published by Garmin. I will throw this in for whoever purchases the 76S.
  3. 60CS is sold. 76S still available. Thanks, Funyet
  4. Garmin 76S Older model (no USB) No box, no manual, no cable, just the GPS and a blue Gilson zippered case $86.00, includes shipping within US Garmin GPSmap 60CS No box, no cable. Manual is included. $140.00, includes shipping within US I bought these a while ago for hiking and geocaching. I've since replaced them with other units. These work fine, I just don't use them anymore. I prefer payment via PayPal Please email me if interested. I check email more often than forum PMs. Thanks, Marc marc@funyet.com
  5. A game/puzzle. Something extra to do while outside. A great way to find places I might not otherwise visit (or even know about). Great pastime for my kids and I!
  6. FunYet

    New 76s

    As much as I've looked forward to receiving my 60cs decided to cancel my order and put in an order for the 76cs. What's a few more months? I already have a 76s so I have the case, accessories, etc. (I assume they'll all fit). Deciding factors for me were the extra memory and the less than stellar reviews of the geocaching feature of the 60cs.
  7. I’m sort of a gadget-head so GPS was always interesting to me. My family does a lot of hiking and camping. A couple of years ago I started to look into GPS units to take on our trips. Not so much for navigation (we stick to marked trails) but more for the fun of logging where we’ve been. While researching GPS units I stumbled onto geocaching.com through one of the search engines. Sounded like a lot of fun so I bought a Magellan. My kids love geocaching. It’s become a family activity.
  8. Hey thanks! Downloaded EasyMPS and it will do everything I need and more! Cheers!
  9. I'm trying to convert my EasyGPS file to the correct file format to be imported into Mapsource. I did this several times with GPSBabel but now I can't remember/figure out how I did it....arrrgggghhhhh!!! Any suggestions? I'm no longer sure which settings to use. Thanks!
  10. I've run across a couple of web sites dedicated to the Yaesu VX-5R that describe procedures for "MARS/CAP Modifications". What does this mean? Does it give the unit a wider range of broadcasting frequencies? Thanks
  11. After asking around here on the forum I decided to study for the tech test. I worked at it for about 1 month, using "Now You're Talking", the "Code Quick" CW instructional CDs and software, and the online practice tests. I hadn't planned to take the CW test this time around but decided to try it once I'd registered. I was amazed to find that I passed. I passed Element 2 with 32 out of 35. The VE suggested I try Element 3 (nothing to loose) and I failed miserably. Something like 18 out of 35. I hadn't studied for E3 yet, but it was good practice. I plan to study and try again before June. Icing on the cake, my call number popped up on the FCC database in less than 1 week (KC8VZL). Thanks to all who provided info here on this forum!
  12. Can a VX-5 be used to send Morse code? Does it have the capability to generate continuous tone? Thanks
  13. Can a VX-5 be used to send Morse code? Does it have the capability to generate continuous tone? Thanks
  14. I know I'll be ready to take my tech exam when it rolls around in 2 weeks, but was a bit iffy about the CW. Knowing that I don't have to do it all at once takes some of the pressure off. However, I'll probably go ahead with the suggestion of taking the CW test to get the feel of it. Thanks!
  15. Thanks to all for the good advice. I scheduled my test and will proceed from there. Thanks! FunYet
  16. If I take my technician exam (and pass it) and later decide I want to upgrade to technician with CW, do I have to take the tech exam again or just do the 5 wpm Morse code test? Believe it or not I've gotten several different answers to this question. FunYet
  17. ...thanks! I do plan to wait till I get the license. I've jumped into a few purchases here and there without knowing all the options. Learned my lesson(s). Trying to plan ahead a bit to get an idea of what kind of $$$ I should be saving. What's a typical price range? Thanks
  18. I’m looking for advice on a portable/handheld radio unit and where to buy (preferably online). We're going to be doing some camping and hiking this summer and I'd like to have more than my Motorola mini walkie-talkies with me. I realize some suggestions may require that I obtain a license. All the better, I’m always looking for something new to learn and try. Thanks!
  19. OK. One of the things I’m determined to do this year is REALLY learn how to use a map and how to use a GPS, just for fun. I’ve always found these fascinating but never took the time to learn. I recently bought A Magellan Platinum and am getting the hang of it. I also bought a few topographic maps of my area and have been working with plotting GPS coordinates to the map with decent success. I even went out looking for my first Geocache this morning on the way to work. I didn’t find it (ran out of time) but I know I was within a few hundred feet, I was proud of myself for even getting to the right side of town based on coordinates. Anyway, here’s a question which I know is simple, but… I understand the DEG/MIN/SEC format: When MINutes reaches 60 then 1 is added to degree When SEConds reaches 60 then 1 is added to MIN Where I get lost is: DEG/MIN.MM And DEG/MIN.MMM What does .MM and .MMM signifiy, and at what point do they roll over and add 1 to the value of the unit to its left? Does this question make sense??? Any good online sources of info that explain the differences between the different systems? I have a couple of books I’m working with and I have a book on GPS, but it just mentions that the different formats exist, without telling much more about it. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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