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  1. 3 Hawks. Forget it. Don't waste your breath. They haven't been to a WI event. That's fine. Their impression is probably what they call caching, which is to get coordinates for magnetic key holders on a light pole in some drug store parking lot. Since these "caches" each have their own web page, in their world these caches are automatically more difficult than our temp caches at our events. LOL Let 'em rant. They don't understand how simple geocaching really is. You get coordinates, you plug them into your GPS, you find a cache, and you log it. That's it. Let them pound their chests and make themselves feel superior. They're not. I'll sleep just fine tonight knowing that we understand quality caching in Wisconsin.
  2. Yep - I would log a DNF if a muggle was sitting near a cache and I couldn't get to it. If enough of those DNF's are posted it might encourage the cache owner to move the cache or let the next cacher know that this cache is a pain to get to and to simply move on...
  3. Coyote - I think you were right when you first started. Don't worry about what "people you respect" think. Do what you feel is right. A geocache is a geocache. It doesn't matter if it has a webpage or it doesn't. That's like saying a movie isn't a movie unless it's listed on IMDB.com. Log your caches as you see fit.
  4. Here is the funny thing. I visit these forums about once a year. Each year I visit, I inevitabely get drawn into this same debate time and time again. This has been going on for years. So, until there is time where actual "rules" are put into place, or an actual "game" is established, I think that we, as posters, need to let this issue die. There are far too many that get themselves way too wound up over this topic. The time spent on these posts don't seem to change anything (again, since this has been going on for years,) and it's largely a waste of energy. 1) It would appear that we all agree that cache owners have final say over how many times one can log a "find." 2) We all agree that a "find" (or "geocache") is different by definition. A temp cache at an event is not a geocache to many of you because it doesn't have its own webpage. Individual stages of a multi don't count as a cache to many of you either. Even though these each have separate coordinates, locations, and difficulty. Many multi's require days, weeks, or even years to complete. 3) We all agree that GC.com technically allows multiple logs per find. Where that freedom ends is at the hands of the cache owner. 4) Do we agree that event temp caches can be of an equal or even higher quality of cache hide than an average GC.com individual cache? I would hope so. The event I attended had unbelievable temporary caches that easily rivaled most of the traditional caches I have found in the state. Each of these was EASILY worth a "log." I compare some of those finds to a typical magnetic key holder on a light pole in a store parking lot and wonder why this is even being debated. LOL 5) We agree that this will never end and the actual "find" numbers out there are probably so tainted that this can never correct itself.
  5. Okay - so we agree that it's the cache owner's authority to allow or delete "finds" as necessary. Multi-part cache stages are not all listed on geocaching.com. You get the coordinates for the first stage, and then you find the rest of the coordinates. Some cache owners let you log a find for each of these. Isn't an event cache the same thing? You follow the coordinates to the first stage, and then you given the coordinates for each of the other caches. The cache owner has no problem letting you log on GC.com each time you find a cache. I'm failing to understand the difference here. Help me out.
  6. I agree that cache owners should police the finds on their cache in the fashion they desire. However, my follow-up question is: Why do so many on here get upset if event caches are logged more than once? If an event has 20 fantastic temporary caches, why shouldn't someone log each of those finds? That's the part I don't get. It's a simple hobby. You download some coordinates, you find an object, you sign a logbook, and you log a find on the computer when you get home. Seems pretty simple to me? If there is no competition, why can it be considered cheating? There is no benefit for those who log multiple caches. Some log multiple event caches because... there are multiple caches at the event. Seems logical? As soon as you stop stressing out about what the next guy is doing, the more fun you're going to have with the hobby. It's about getting out, getting a little exercise, infusing technology into a hobby, and having fun. I'm not sure how much fun some of you are having. Just my two cents worth. Feel free to flame away.
  7. 1. It's not a game. It's a hobby. 2. Logging caches is simple record keeping for the cacher. It makes to difference how many times a cache is logged by a cacher. 3. If the website allows multiple logs per cache, then obviously it is an accepted practice.
  8. LOL - One cache = One log Why is this so difficult for you folks to figure out? I love these threads. Much adieu about nothing.... Get a life, get over it, move on! Right now you've got a current president that hates the environment, doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground, and is fighing a war that no one wants. Yet... All you people can do is cry about people that log physical caches at events? I love this country and how we have our priorities arranged.
  9. "Son (or Daughter) - you see there are these people called the white robed cachers...." Dad, how come we have 22 attended logs for the same cache? We only went once. Well kiddo, since Groundspeak doesn’t allow us to hide temporary caches we had to find a way around the rules. But isn’t that a lie? Sometimes it’s OK for grownups to lie. We don’t like the rule about temporary caches, so we have to sneak around it. Can I have a margarita? LOL - Well... I guess to each their own. I could care less about other cacher's numbers. However, I'll take the well-hidden (and quite clever) temp caches at some of the events that I've been to, over some of the lousy micros stuck on guardrails 5 feet from a roadway. Since there doesn't seem to be an actual policy on this, I'll just continue to act logically. A cache "page" is arbitrary. An actual "cache" is a "cache." Whatever I find, I log. I would like an accurate record of how many physical caches I've actually located. That's what makes this hobby fun. For those of you who disagree, c'est la vie. See you out on the trails! Paddler
  10. So, just to make sure I'm reading this correctly... If I go to an event and find multiple caches, I cannot log more than one find? I'm confused. Isn't it one log per cache? We're having a baby in a couple of months. Eventually that baby is going to evolve into a child and will come caching with us. After a large event, part of the fun of caching is logging each find. How do I explain to my child that people online think we're cheating?
  11. I'm with you Royal Red. This is one of the most moronic things I've ever read on this forum. A: Geocaching is a hobby. I'd love to see a bunch of model railroaders get together screaming about some guy that painted a Sante Fe caboose bright pink. Folks - let people enjoy this hobby in their own way. B: If you're that worried about people who inflate their numbers you might have some more serious issues that will require professional help. We're fighting a war in Iraq, the environment is dying, and our schools are underfunded. That's okay though, we have seven pages of internet space dedicated to condeming people who log temporary caches. C: If this issue is still keeping you up at night...then do something proactive. Contact the local association. It's funny how many of life's problems could be handled with a little direct communication!
  12. Wow.... so much for us all being in this hobby together... It's this kind of attitude that I've noticed too many times. My wife and I have over 100 finds. However, we haven't placed a cache yet. I would like to do a virtual, but I've heard those are frowned upon. I haven't found a logical area to do a physical cache where I know environmental damage won't be done. This person's attitude is exactly what ruins the hobby in the eyes of the rest of the public - especially those environmental watchdog groups. Remindes me of my students (I'm a teacher) who see garbage on the hallway floor and claim it's not their job to clean it up.
  13. Are we, as geocachers, doing a good enough job of removing spent geocaches from the wilderness? How many times do administrators archive caches without ever confirming that the soaked tupperware container has physically been removed from the woods? I'm not blaming, I'm just wondering. Are we doing all that we can do? I'm worried that we're ignoring a problem for the sake of continuing the game.
  14. Forget it.... I figured out how it works!!!! I had to actually save it as a file and physically add the .wpt at the end. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  15. THANKS!!! I downloaded GPSBABEL.... It seems REALLY easy to use. However, I can't seem to get it to make a .WPT file. I select the appropriate .loc input file from my desktop (which I downloaded from geocaching.com). I type a name for the output file and select MAPSEND MERIDIAN as the format. It processes the file but it's just a generic file - not a .WPT. TOPO won't open it... am I missing a step?
  16. Okay.... here is my question... I have EASY GPS (which I think is one of the best pieces of GPS software out there because it is just that - EASY) and I would like to know if I can import a collection of waypoints into MAPSEND TOPO by Magellan. For example. I was on a BENCHMARK search page on Geocaching.com. I converted the search results to a ".loc" file. However - TOPO doesn't seem to want to open an .loc file. What do I have to do to change my .loc file or a .gpx file into a .wpt file that can be read by TOPO? Is it possible? It would be great to see a spread of geocaches or benchmarks spread out over my topo map software.... Any help would be MOST appreciated! Thanks much!!!! GB Paddlers
  17. Thanks Cheeseheads. I think our paths have crossed before. Were you guys at the campout?
  18. Green Bay Paddlers from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Home of the Packers!!!! I post occasionaly but I like to pop in and see what cachers from around the nation are talking about....
  19. Thanks for the info on the unofficial FAQ. It's GREAT!!!!
  20. On my Walt Disney World Express, Disneyland Express, Chunnel Express and NYC Express I was able to use a drill press to drill a hole through the die-cast metal and then loop the TB tag through there. I have a Jeep in my possession and I think you could hold the TB at an angle and punch a hole through the back bumper through to the quarter panel? Haven't tried it yet...
  21. Thanks Escout... I didn't realize that they were two separate products. I guess I need a new lighter adapter! Thanks! Jeff
  22. Thanks for the quick reply. That was actually something I thought of because sometimes I accidently pull the cord out of the lighter. Just to make sure I took out the batteries and put it back on lighter power again. It would work fine with no light or just 1x backlight. Everytime I go up to 2x backlight it shuts off! Any ideas?
  23. I have a Meridian Gold and have just started experiencing this problem. I've been using my old cigarette lighter adapter from my M 315 on my new Meridan Gold. This weekend I was using my Gold Unit in the car with the cigarette lighter adapter for power. Whenever I turned on the 2X backlight the whole unit would say "CRITICAL LOW POWER" and then just shut off. It happened every time I tried it. Doesn't it seem strange that that should happen? Has anyone else had this same issue?
  24. Hey gang... It is a 128MB SanDisk. I uploaded the new software (5.12) and now it all works! Thanks for all of the help!!!! It was VERY appreciated!!!!
  25. Well, that part is correct. For some reason your GPS is not reading the card. Can you save to the card with your GPS (a set of waypoints or a route)? I ran the "test card" and it tells me that the card is not properly formatted?
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