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  1. Contact me, I'm close [well 200km away], and could help. Trevor
  2. Emzett, There are 50k maps available on CD from SG Mowbay. I do not know if there is still a waiting list. These are tiff maps which are pre-calibrated for Ozi. I cannot email one, as each map is +- 20Mb. Try http://w3sli.wcape.gov.za/ I use them for work and caching. Trevor
  3. How much detail do you require? 1:50 000 ? Regards, Trevor
  4. All, This is to let you know that South Africa is part of an International Caching group now active in 12 countries. Have a look at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...fd-e4b6bec7de81 and follow the table links to other caches. Regards, Trevor
  5. Yes , there are great calibrated 50k and 250k available from the SG in Mowbray, electronic or paper. Contact me. Trevor
  6. HI, Email me yr email details and I will post u a little converter. Trevor
  7. And then , if wan't to see the Southern Point of AFRICA, and the longest white stretch of beach in the southern hemisphere, there are 2 caches down that way, only 2.5 hours drive from Cape Town along a scenic route. Regards, Trevor
  8. Hi, There are many day trips from Cape Town to visit. How far would you like to travel? Regards, Trevor
  9. Hi there Manuel, I received your email and am very willing to assist in a multicache. Please send more information and you may contact me on my direct email . I am on email daily. Regards, Trevor
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