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  1. Congratulations Dan! It's good to see you're still out there caching.
  2. We also got started after watching the Inside Out programme two years ago. You're right MarcB, the family was Team Tate and Tim and June were in it too.
  3. Well done Team Marigold. Nice to meet you at the Winchester Late Xmas Cache Bash today.
  4. Congratulations to Dysdera for clocking up 300 caches. Two locks, one river! in the winter. It takes a brave sole to do something like that at this time of the year. Or did you send one of your younger members to retrieve it? Well done from Rob of the Madness Crew and THE BRAMBLERS
  5. Rob and I met Peter Andre and Katie Price (Jordan) before doing a couple of caches in London back in the summer. Rob appeared on TV with him as well. We even have the photo's to prove it. See cache log and photo's
  6. "Brambles?" Never caused us any problems . THE BRAMBLERS
  7. We'll be there but we're not sure how many at the mo. Will let you know later.
  8. Just noticed an error on the cache page for TV on Demand. Mark's website should read "geocacheuk.com" You've put some nice pictures of Mark on his profile.
  9. We are really saddened to hear of this tragic news. We will always remember Mark as one of the nicest and most genuine people you could ever wish to meet. Our first meeting with Mark was when he drove from Bradford to Winchester to help us set up the Winchester 2003 Event where his technical expertise proved invaluable. Our boys enjoyed making all those badges with him on his "special" machine, all of which he gave away for free. Our boys were particularly fond of Mark and are very upset by this news. They will always remember him by the caches he has sponsored for them both. Our deepest condolences to Mark's family and friends.
  10. This is very useful information for new geocachers. It would be a good idea to have this pinnned at the top of the forum for those who join in the future.
  11. 9 is Megan from THE BRAMBLERS 11 is Paul and Judith
  12. We would like to wish Subarite many congratulations on becoming the second cacher in the UK to reach 1000 finds. He was even FTF on his 1000 cache. Great achievement.
  13. A blur of geocachers could be used to describe those on mission for numbers. A bouquet of geocachers for those of us of the fairer sex. And maybe a gaggle of geocachers when we all meet up at a bash. Debbie
  14. MANY CONGRATULATIONS I'm sure your new cache will get lots of visits.
  15. Not much to be proud of, in fact rather sad, but one of our travel bugs only got 16 miles before disappearing. Is this a record?
  16. At present no images from travel bug pages appear in the gallery.
  17. Yes the price looks good. Just as a guide:- Argos 4 man dome tent £40 (save £10) Double box sided airbed £15 (save £4) (I prefer box sided) (You will probably need a pump too) Sleeping bags from £7.45 each - (I personally don't like the mummy bags - not enough leg room) Double sleeping bag (more cosy ) £25.00 Hope this helps. Debbie
  18. You could compare those at Halfords with those at Argos. Personally I would always go for the larger option and definitely for an airbed rather than mats. Debbie
  19. We were camping near Sawange, Dorset last week. It's a lovely area with some great caches and fantastic views. We stayed at Woodyhyde campsite, we didn't even need to book and only £11 per night for a family of four. We didn't get anywhere near all the caches done that we intended to, so might be up for camping if the dates are ok. Brings back memories of last years geocachers camping.
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