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  1. For those considering a CrossOver, I agree that for Garmin users (I own 2) it was a little tough to get used to the software of the Crossover. The Bonus is that if you have geocaches stored in the driving addresses you have room for their code and name and in the Outdoor side, you have room for their code plus the hint... so I just load up 200 caches in my area and just have it alert me when I am close. The downside is that Magellan customer service has told me that the unit is limited to 200 Outdoor waypoints, which I have a hard time believing since I am at probably 225-250, but I do get a address book full when I have tried to upload 100 more caches. Anyone else know what the max geocaches are? More accurately? Any workarounds without deleting? Kind of a joke since there is more that a million points of interest on the driving side, and Garmin's from 5 years ago have 500 waypoint limit. My only thought on the workaround it to keep groups of waypoints in 200 on the memory SD card and then delete that group on the unit and then reload the new area from the memory SD card as needed, but not as smooth.
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