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  1. New firmware v.4.10 is avalible: Garmin.com, wikispaces.com
  2. You are a lucky. I have the same problem after using Oregon 650 on an extent of one and a half weeks. For me it seems unacceptable: Garmin knows about bad quality of the rubber USB cap and they do nothing to eliminate the defect in new parties. So, now I must spend 10$ for the item and some extra money for postage from ebay seller: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rubber-cap-USB-port-Oregon-600-600t-650-650t-repair-spare-part-/251513349904 I am very, very, very disappointed with this product. It costs 500$ in my country. This model has many lacks, including its awful firmware till the last version 3.90. From time to time I want to throw out my Oregon in a wastebasket.
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