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  1. No, you've got the most recent. I was just putting a pointer to the new thread. For CO the road data came directly from their department of transportation so I was hoping that it was somewhat up to date.
  2. CO maps have been updated, link to the new thread - http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=183357
  3. Hi Team G, If you look at my recent posts regarding the 400t every screen shot that mentions a custom topo is the CO mapset. In my (slightly biased) opinion, they look really good with the DEM shading of the 400t.... Hope that helps,
  4. It's true, you can't. But why would you? I don't use that on my 60 CSx, even if I can. But I get better access to the Colorado in USB drive mode than I ever get with the 60 CSx. For using the laptop for navigating in the car. Large screen, voice navigation. It is quite common for many people. Manditory when power caching and your the navigator. Yes - what Red90 said. Also, on the 60/76 you could turn on USB drive mode any time you wanted so I can't see any advantage to how it's done on the Colorado... Someone noted on another thread that Garmin support said if you wanted this functionality you could get it using their mini-USB to serial cable....so if I - pay $23 for a new cable - put up with a MUCH slower connection (serial vs usb) I can have the functionality that every other handheld has....
  5. The original thread about the Colorado maps is here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...11&t=179762 I finally got the CO maps updated with 40ft contour intervals... http://www.miscjunk.org/mj/mp_cotopo.html Also just finished a mapset for Wyoming: http://www.miscjunk.org/mj/mp_wytopo.html These are topo type maps built from publicly available data, including: - Interstates, highways, railroads, county, local and forest roads - Lakes, rivers and streams - Land use(metro areas, national parks, state parks, military, etc.) - Elevation contours (40ft intervals - 24k "scale") - Points of interest (summits, mines, falls, dams, cemeteries, towers, populated places, etc.) Any feedback you may have is welcome. Thanks,
  6. Primarily using the full functionality of the GPS while connected to a PC - something that is almost standard for handheld GPS units. I believe you've stated (I'm paraphrasing from memory here) that being locked into USB drive mode when connected to a PC is OK because that's how the Nuvi does it and the Colorado is loosly based on the Nuvi technology... I say let them re-use any great technology they made for the Nuvi but don't forget what the intended use (and corresponding expected functionality) of the handheld GPS is.... Thanks, dfg
  7. You're missing Night Stalker's last step, hitting the menu key again... You don't have to it map by map. When you're on that screen with the list of maps hit menu again to get a screen where you can hide/show entire mapsets. See this page: http://www.miscjunk.org/mj/mp_mapset.html
  8. [ Well it should - are you saying that Garmin should ignore the intended use of the Colorado when desigining the appearance and functionality of the unit? That's not going to work out very well for a company trying to make a profit. I'm OK with them reusing features/functionalities but it shouldn't come at the expense of basic/core/useful features typical (or even standard) on most handheld units. No matter how popular/great the Nuvi is - it's not very useful as a handheld unit.... Thanks, dfg
  9. The names are there, they appear when you put the cursor on them...
  10. Did you try adjusting the following setting? Shortcuts -> Setup -> Map -> Options -> Advanced -> Zoom Levels -> Street Label
  11. I guess I'm just missing what the new capabilities actually are. The old way has so many advantages: - use PC to power GPS while working with it - transfer data to GPS and instantly verify/check (once I see tracks/wayponts/etc. on the GPS I'll sometimes tweak the names) also easily check the custom map I just made - use with laptop/software for tracking - AND when needed, switch over to drive mode and transfer maps/tracks.... What are the advatages of the current (Colorado) way? PS If the thing booted <=5 seconds I could probably live with it... Thanks for your feedback, dfg
  12. I hope (even though it sounds fruitless) that they will eventually make operate more like 60/76 in regards to the USB connectivity... For a handheld GPS the old way is much more preferable (to me anyways...)
  13. Well, the problem turned out to be I was viewing the maps by "viewing on map" the waypoint - it turns out this is a very limited detail view of the map. If you view the map "on the map" (which is tricky since I'm in MN and want to see CO maps) by panning over to it the problems go away the custom maps look much like they are supposed to. Here is normal view of the custom map (with DEM - see below), looks better. Also, yogazoo noticed that the DEM of the 400t shows though any other map you have loaded, very cool:
  14. Wow, you're correct - how did I miss this... Here is a screenshot:
  15. If you're asking whether the Topos will overlay nicely on your City Select maps so that you will now have contours, etc. ON your City Select maps - the answer is no. One will be on top of - and block the view - of the other. You would have to use the "Select Maps" menu to turn off the top one to see the other. Hope that helps.
  16. In my "First Impressions" post I mentioned there seemed to be cosmetic issues with custom maps on the Colorados - this is just a follow-up to summarize what I saw. Below are shots of a custom map sets on both a Colorado (400t) and a GPSmap 76CSx. Both sets show the same location at the same zoom levels. OT - these screenshot REALLY exagerate the different resolutions of the two units. Here is what I see: Zoom Levels On the Colorado you can see the intermediate and minor contour lines are already displayed in the first picture when they should not come on until a later zoom level (as seen on the 76 shots) Line Attributes The visual appearance of the major/intermediate/minor contour lines are nearly indistinguishable on the Colorado where on the 76 there are some subtle differences. That being said I don't think the issue is entirely with custom maps. When comparing the various topos I noticed that the old Garmin Topo maps had similar issues as described above. My speculation is that the Colorados are "tuned" to optimally display the new DEM enabled topos with no concern to the older maps...
  17. Well, I wish I had a 4GB card.... actually I have NO card in the unit. As I - and others - have noted, the 400t has 4GB internal, most of which is taken up by the topo maps.
  18. City Select is a locked map set (I think), so I'm assuming you would have to have a spare coupon code and unlock the maps for your new unit. The internal memory and card slot show up as two different drives on your PC - so in Mapsource you would have to select either the unit (internal memory) or the appropriate Removeable Disk (card slot).
  19. It has 4GB and just under 3GB is used by the topo maps - so a little over 1GB internal memory free.
  20. This is what is really driving me crazy. I am so used to leaving my old GPS connected to the PC working back and forth between the two until I get everything set up. This forced switch over to Mass Storage mode has to go...
  21. There is a "text" folder on the screenshot shown in this thread. Maybe an owner's manual is stashed there. I didn't see any obvious sign of a manual (like a pdf or anything) on the unit. That directory you mentioned has 15-20 files with a non-standard extension with names like English, German - so I was assuming localization data for different languages.
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