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  1. I believe it sounded like something that was/is going to be included in the next update to the information sent in the PQs, but that update hasn't happened (and indeed, in the interim, more things have also been discussed, some of which also would almost certainly be in any update).

  2. Sure, it would solve the problem if there were a "Maintenance Check OK" log type. Then we'd see that it was checked out OK right before those five notes. Oh, wait.


    Adding a "last found" element to the GPX data might be useful, argue that on its own merits. As far as the maintenance thing, how about we go back to asking for the "last updated" element? When a cache owner updates the cache page to let you know that it was maintained, you'll be able to tell. In fact, even if they just fix the coordinates or replace the description with the correct one, you'll see the cache page was updated. If a GPX app developer wants to use the cache's "last updated" element to adjust the weights of log types in some "health" formula, it'd be there for them, too.


    Adding a "Matintenance Check OK" log type would be a kludge.

  3. Watcher 0.1.41 (Merry Christmas!)


    New in Watcher 0.1.41: Detailed street maps in MapPoint for Europe, thanks to a heads up by Åke S, full support for the "Write Note" log type, and nicely handling GPX files with duplicate caches in them (not that you *should* have ever had these, but several people have created them, apparently :)). Oh, and bug fixes, of course, are always included.


    Go get it! http://watcher.clayjar.com/

  4. As I key off the "country" element, and as the default *must* be to *not* have the "L=EUR" passed, I have added the value specifically to the map link in Watcher for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. As soon as the new release passes final testing, you'll have it.


    If there are any other map links (or countries to specify for existing map links), just let me know, and thanks for the info on this one.

  5. Actually, you just described the GPX in your Pocket Query. It's just XML text. If you were on Windows, you could use Watcher for that (several long distance cachers use Watcher and their GPX files as a portable Geocaching.com). Since you're on Mac, the situation's not the same, but there are Mac users around that should be able to help you.

  6. As the guy behind Watcher, I'll give Mac users the same offer I gave PocketPC users... Send me a new Mac to work on, and I'll get to work. :lol:


    More seriously, though, Watcher's quite thoroughly attached to the Windows+IE platform, so it'd be a *vast* undertaking to rewrite it. It's almost certain there are others who would be better for the job of making a Mac app like Watcher, and if anyone does want to pick up on it, I'll share what I have so we can be sure all the apps work together.

  7. Watcher was originally created for just his very thing. Of course, that was a long time ago, and Watcher does a *lot* more now, but it still works great for its original purpose.


    If you're getting GPX files from your Pocket Queries, you're already ready to use Watcher. Just download it and go (or go to the geocaching chat and ask almost anyone there for help). If you don't have any Pocket Queries in GPX form yet, go make one (and remember to ask for it zipped so you get faster downloads and fewer issues).

  8. Wait, there's a *link*?!?


    Okay, yeah, I noticed it... and told Hydee it'd be okay if she spelled my name right. :lol: (Incidentally, Markwell, I'm case-sensitive. :D)

  9. That is, if you're only looking at the stated reasons for the change.

    We're obviously not, then, eh? There. Now that's been stated. Can we go home now?


    This message posted with Birthday Privilege #7: "The birthday person is entitled to one painfully obvious, somewhat brash, comment on whatever forums said birthday person so chooses."

  10. Also remember that if you're loading a GPX into EasyGPS, it's *still* got the bug (as of the August 1st build, which is the latest I've seen). It'll only partially load many GPX files. (I was told circa August 3rd that the bug was fixed for the next version, but that next version is a long time coming.)


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  11. "I KNOW..." "what http:// stands for"


    You know, that always bugs me. It's not "http://" that stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol! It's "http" that does!


    Ah, just look at RFC 1738 and RFC 2396 (updates RFC 1738)... plus RFC 2718 has a nice paragraph to clarify:

    2.1.2 Improper use of "//" following "<scheme>:"


    Contrary to some examples set in past years, the use of double slashes as the first component of the <scheme-specific-part> of a URL is not simply an artistic indicator that what follows is a URL: Double slashes are used ONLY when the syntax of the URL's <scheme- specific-part> contains a hierarchical structure as described in RFC 2396. In URLs from such schemes, the use of double slashes indicates that what follows is the top hierarchical element for a naming authority. (See section 3 of RFC 2396 for more details.) URL schemes which do not contain a conformant hierarchical structure in their <scheme-specific-part> should not use double slashes following the "<scheme>:" string.


    Incidentally, is referencing an RFC to clarify precisely what the parts of a URL mean... um... is that geek? icon_wink.gif More incidentally, is Googling up the new RFC that updates the old RFC yet another symptom? icon_biggrin.gif Even more incidentally, is tracking down a third tangentially (okay, more like secantially, but that's not really a word, eh?) related RFC going too far? icon_eek.gif (Okay, after "secantially", I think I've hit my limit... time for overdue sleep.)


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    [This message was edited by ClayJar on October 29, 2003 at 10:58 PM.]

  12. Well, as they say in... um... Kentucky? Darn tootin' I'm a geek! Um, I mean, yep, sure am.


    The real question, though, is... "Are you a good geek? or a bad geek?" (And, possibly also, "Where did you get that ruby stylus?")


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  13. Is it possible? Yes. Do you have the database for him to load to make it work? Probably not. If you do a little legwork (fingerwork?) you can probably speed it up by finding such a DB, otherwise, is it possible? Yep. Does Jeremy have the DB to do it? I don't know, but I imagine if he did, he'd have done it by now? (Not to put keystrokes into his keyboard or anything.)


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  14. I would say that this is information that would be *very* useful to have in the GPX. If/when it is added in some way, shape, or form, I will *absolutely* add a filter to Watcher for it. In fact, I'll bet you that I'll have it in Watcher within... hmm... let's just say 24 hours of it being added.


    (Jeremy, it looks like I have another thing to talk to you about. Whenever you get the chance...)


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  15. Yet once again, the time in these United States (with the notable exception of Arizona and significant portions of Indiana) has shifted. As the Weekly Official Geocaching Chat always begins at 8:30pm Central US time on Monday evenings, the chat has also fallen back an hour.


    The chats will now begin at 8:30pm Central Standard Time on Mondays (i.e. 02:30 UTC -- 2:30am on early Tuesday mornings in good ole Greenwich). All of you who are not in US Daylight Savings Time areas (including you strange people in Indiana and Arizona) will need to adjust yourselves accordingly... or just arrive out of sync; we won't mind. icon_wink.gif


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  16. I know there's a database for the center coordinates of the ZIP codes. Is there an analogous database for the center coordinates of the Canadian postal codes? (If you happened to have such a database, I imagine it would be "easier" to add them to the search, but I don't know how easy or hard it is to get it.)


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  17. Let me see... [holding envelope to forehead]... I presume... you are using EasyGPS (or ExpertGPS).


    This sounds like one of the vintage EasyGPS bugs, assuming you merely changed the PQ type from LOC to GPX. If you open the GPX file in Watcher, you'll see how many waypoints are *actually* in the file, and then if Watcher says it's only 37 waypoints, it is.


    (I've been told that the EasyGPS bugs were supposed to be fixed already for the next release, but since I'm *still* waiting for that to happen, I can't say it's actually fixed. Still, since that was around August 3rd, and the last beta was August 1st, I guess I can assume that not enough people have e-mailed them about the bug... send away, and maybe we'll get a fixed version.)


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