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  1. The weekly official geocaching chat that began on the January 21, 2002, celebrates its 4th anniversary this Monday night!


    Whether you're an seasoned veteran or a perfect stranger, come drop by and chat a bit. Or at least drop by and say hello. Or even just drop by, look at who came, and quit. (That seems to be quite popular with some... but hey, we'd love to have you, too.) Refreshments will be available.*


    Remember, this Monday evening starting at 8:30pm CST (0230Z, 11:30am JST, or whatever) is the 4th anniversary chat. It's never over before 10pm CST, by the way, so if you're late, come anyway.

    (or #Geocache on irc.slashnet.org)
    (or just click the link in the forum list)

    Oh, and before anyone asks... Sorry, you don't get to log a find for visiting the chat, but we'll type a few smileys to you if you really want them. :)


    * You'll have to drop by Baton Rouge to pick them up (and if anyone really wants to, be sure to tell me so I know I'm not joking).

  2. The complaint about the chat was certainly not the first. I fear it will likely not be the last. However, it would be a mistake to believe that this means that the behavior exhibited is acceptable on the chat. I assure you, this is most certainly not the case. In as much as I have the means, I have reprimanded the chatters involved, as I have done on occasions before. When that has failed in the past, I have personally and permanently banned those involved. (Long time chatters will remember with awe the famed "TJWilson" ban, for which there was great rejoicing.)


    Can I be there and police everything all the time? Absolutely, and I'll gladly begin as soon as I figure out how to make $50k a year doing it. In the meantime, rest assured that I will continue to do everything in my power to keep the chat as open and as friendly as possible. We have needed exceptionally few bans over the almost four years of chat precisely because of the open and friendly culture we've worked hard to build... even if there have been a few "Calvins" (as in "and Hobbes") along the way that had to be reminded what acceptable behavior entails.


    Please, don't be afraid to come to the chat, but if you do encounter any problems, come to me first. Chances are, I can talk to the people involved (including my standard "What in the *WORLD* were you thinking?!?" speech, complete with virtual parental overunit system) -- we've been civilized for over 200 weeks. If for some reason talk does not work, it is my obligation to ban, temporarily or permanently, the offending parties, and logs will show that I will do so (but only as a very last resort).


    Again, my personal apologies for the events of the night. I would rather bad situations never come up, but the chat is, above all, a community of geocachers, and in any community, there will always be the occasional pain.

  3. 07-Riding.jpg






    (Note: This last picture is actually a 25-second exposure at ISO 100 of the camp well after sunset. It' has not been manipulated at all.)


    It was quite fun to tag along with BoT on the first day of Bike Quest 2005. It's not every day that I get to be a sports photographer, but I dare say that I *really* enjoyed the new "Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM" lens I was shooting on my 20D. I think we got at least a few worthwhile frames out of it all.

  4. Do you have a chord chart or a guitar tab for that (sheet music would work, but it'd be a pain to adapt for my instrument).


    In other words, if anybody's still needing to be told, the third anniversary chat is tonight! (Hey, there's no Monday Night Football, so what's your excuse?)


    You know, I'm terrible at the hard sell... if only I had giveaways to draw... um... cheap people? (I think I'm late for lunch.)

  5. The weekly official geocaching chat has been a regular Monday evening occurrence for three years. Started three years ago today (January 21, 2002), the chat officially begins at 8:30pm Central every Monday night. This Monday, the 24th, we'll be celebrating three great years of chat (with very few bans, too -- most geocaching chatters are at least polite).


    Whether you're an old hand chatter who hasn't dropped by in a while or a neocacher who has never been to the chat before, drop by this Monday to join us in our little celebration. You don't get to log a find, but it's definitely an experience.


    Geocaching Chat web interface

    Or use any IRC client to join #Geocache on irc.slashnet.org

    (The official chats are Mondays from 8:30pm Central and are official for at least an hour and a half, but you can connect and chat anytime. Usually *someone* is awake.)



    Lead Catherd

    Geocaching Chat

  6. Watcher 0.2.42 (er... Happy New Year?)


    Okay, so I was a bit late, but that doesn't mean Watcher's Duke Nukem Forever or anything. All the new types are supported (along with future types being handled *much* better). Also, I'm back in the loop, so you should see something else in *much* less than a year. My apologies for falling off the horse so thoroughly, but may your Watchering be better from here forward.


    It's waiting for you: http://watcher.clayjar.com/

  7. I was watching NASA-TV, and the coordinates of the Genesis probe impact are:


    40° 07' 40" by 113° 30' 29"

    (They estimate it hit at over 100 mph.)


    Quite a bummer for NASA, to lose another. I hope enough survived to make it not a total scientific loss.

  8. Louisiana's Adopt-a-Road Program is with the DOTD. The most current URL I've found is http://www.dotd.louisiana.gov/programs_gra...dopt_a_road.asp (this would be the link to include in your list, MissJenn).


    I'm currently trying to get at least a millismidgen of support for the idea of adopting a road, as I see it as not only a nice way of volunteering, but also a great little bit of PR. So far it looks like I'm the only one interested, but if I get at least, say, 500 microsmidgens of support, I'd be tempted to just do it. If it turns out that no other cachers decided to help, I'd bribe some of my friends into pretending to be cachers to help clean up (they owe me favors, anyway).

  9. No need. Someone (else) might find the number useful, and it's a pic, not machine-readable, so it's fine. (Hey, it's helped one cacher so far, eh?)


    Well, time to leave the house to go to the meeting from which I'll hit the road. As of now, it's too late to send registrations via email to me. :unsure:

  10. Doh! bonks herself on forhead! Clayjar has posted his phone# on the outside of the cache, in the pic. Nevermind.

    If you want to email a number or numbers, I'll add your name to my "call these cachers" list. Basically, just look at the registration section of the cache page, and just do that telling me which stop to add you to (and the other stuff -- when to or not to call, how much notice to give, etc... it's all there).


    And of course, you have my number and the tracking page. ;)

  11. Yep, that is indeed it. Just please don't start typing the information from the picture and placing it on the Net -- I don't want to test the patience of the national do-not-call list. :)


    If you're one of the people on the stops, I suppose you now have the AQ2004 number, but unless you're a Canadian stop, please don't try to call me in the Land of Great Roaming. I probably won't have signal when you try to call, and if I do, I'll be grumpy because it's *quite* expensive. (No rollover minutes for the Canadian leg, and it's not in the Cingular Nation, either.) Other than that, and the fact that I'll have to try to remember to silence my phone when I sleep (i.e. when the tracking map shows "resting"), it's not like you can't find my number on the Net anyway. (Of course, it's not a good idea to talk on the phone while driving, so don't call unless you have some reason to interrupt the trip.)


    Anyway, less than 24 hours to go until AQ2004 officially drives off toward the setting sun. (And no real need to edit the picture; it might help somebody who was lazy and didn't get all the details in on time. ;))

  12. Time is ticking away...


    I have all but finished outfitting the microRV. The inverter is now directly connected to the electrical system (so I can run a laptop to copy new maps to my MeriGold), and most everything else worked well in the dry run to Atlanta this past weekend. All I need now is to pre-generate all the 64MB blocks of MapSend DirectRoute detail I'll want and then burn them all on a CD (so I just need to copy them to the SD card).


    If you have any waypoints you want to add, it would be good to get them in ASAP so they are in the primary contact/waypoint log. (Of course, you can always submit last second waypoints or try to catch the event the old fashioned way, but hey.)

  13. IIRC, with all the discussion going on, brokenwing used it to create a ratings calculator program that you could download and use. He sent me the source, and I cooked the logic a bit to come out with something that gave comparable results to the application, eliminated the possibility of ratings <1 or >5, streamlined the logic to make it easy to understand and reimplement, and provided the above via a simple and convenient web page.


    I provided a link to the source directly on the page so that anyone could use it, and even some non-English caching-related sites have emailed me about their use of it. It's hardly the Iron Fist of Ratings, but it is simply, straightforward, and amazingly usable. Do you have to put in a little "user-provided tweak" now and then? Sure. It's a machine (and a very, very simple one at that -- look at the source). Does it provide a baseline that far too many people lack even in the most obvious cases? Indeed.


    As far as semantic debates as to what exactly a rating blah should be and whether a ParaMover 3000 XT counts as a valid conveyance for the purposes of claiming that you can get to the cache without any appendages whatsoever... go play with your lawyer friends; they love inane debates. :) (Or, to translate into diplomatic speech, "The online ratings calculator was and is intended to provide a guideline a geocacher may use to help determine a reasonable rating. It is neither a substitute for logic nor is it irrelevant.")

  14. ClayJar, will you be stopping in Kansas?

    If you or someone would like to add a rest stop (or other right-off-the-interstate waypoint -- some caches and such have filtered in), I would be delighted to add it to the waypoints. I can't be sure when the event will go through Kansas, as I don't know how long the Canadian+Alaskan part of the event will be, but by the time the event crosses back in Montana I should have a good idea.


    You can submit a waypoint and the other information (as listed on the cache page) to add a waypoint to the event, and if you'd like to know the timing as soon as possible, I can call from Montana or similar to give a better idea ahead of time.

  15. Well, the AlaskaQuest 2004 preview weekend starts this afternoon. We'll be testing the parts of the tracking page, as well as stopping by the GGA meeting [GCJE39] to give them a chance to see the event cache (and to give me a chance to fetch a yeller Jeep). (If you happen to see the cache driving around, call the number on the labels or use FRS channel 2.)

  16. ClayJar - I don't know your route from the north - I presume from Dawson Creek (end of Alaska Highway) down through Beaver Lodge, Grand Prarie, and east (16) to Edmonton. The (93) route is much more scenic, and if you want to hit (2) north of Calgary you could take (11) from (93) to (2) - very nice drive as well. I've done Edmonton-AB to Whitehorse-YT many times if you'd like to e-mail me with some questions, I'd be happy to share of course.
    I have a route from Dawson Creek to Grand Prairie then continuing along (43) through Whitecourt and almost all the way to Edmonton before joining up with (16). My maps and information don't cover (93) -- it's off the edge of them -- so if I did that, I'd be routing blind.
    Well that's even better. There's a pullout that is on (2) west side of Red Deer, you can pop into the Alberta Sports hall of fame right there, and there are two caches within walking distance. It will also mean about 250km (one way) less for me to log Clayjars cache. I could even gather a few RedDeer cachers I'm sure for a roadside cache event.
    Red Deer should be great for a meetup. My current route puts that, what, about halfway between Edmonton and Calgary (about 90 miles or 150 km from each, and only 300 miles from the border)?
  17. If the route is indeed coming down (93) then you will pass quite near our cache parking point which would be just a ways east on (11). Of course there is a little matter of a hike to the cache and back.


    There is a truck stop/gas station at that junction. (of 93 and 11)

    Edmonton to AB-2 south through Calgary (sorry, guys) and on to AB-3 and AB-4 to meet up with I-15S at the Montana line, so I'll miss AB-93 completely, it seems.

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