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  1. AdBlocker is a way to assure the ads are removed.
  2. I would say you need to list your priorities as to what is important for you in your GPS/smartphone. I see people on here saying that they find the smartphone useless. One thing to remember about using your smartphone is cell phone coverage. I believe you can also save caches for use offline and hunt them that way should the coverage not be good. I found out yesterday that I can now geocache in an area I had not been able to before with my smartphone. Before, I was receiving some off brand service where the data was pretty much nonexistent. Yesterday I was using a tower from my provider on LTE.
  3. Since I have been geocaching, I have added one country to my list and that was Canada. I am hoping that wherever we stay on my mission trip to Haiti that it is near one of the caches in Haiti. Will have to load up my handheld Garmin with the Haitian ones before I go.
  4. Why must Groundspeak be the one to give you an alternative to an app that violates their TOU by scraping their site? There are several free apps already available that respect Groundspeak's TOU. Many find them very useful. The unauthorized application is hardly the only option. What I meant was that Groundspeak has not provided me with THEIR alternative (as of yet, and now the site says "Q3"--great another 3 months). From what I've used, none of the "several free apps" are even remotely as convenient to use as what I'm doing now. All of which require me to extensively plan exactly where I'll be in advance, download queries, and sometimes mess around with multiple apps to get things loaded and displaying correctly. As someone who is all over town, at random, occasionally I get 10 minutes to spare and it's REALLY nice to be able to pull into a parking lot, grab the Droid, click a button and pull up "caches near me right now", pick one, and go. I would probably stop geocaching altogether, or at least it would seriously impact the "pleasure versus hassle" ratio from my point of view, to have to mess around with GPXs and downloads every time I wanted to pull up a quick cache in the neighborhood. Totally removes spontaneity from the whole game. I hardly think I'm alone in this opinion...am I? You are not alone in this opinion. I do lots of traveling. The idea that I can make last minute changes to my route and not have to plan every stop is what I want in an app. I have an iPad and use the GC app on it, but, I don't live in an area where keeping the data plan makes sense. My data plan on the Droid is much less than the date plans for the iPad. With my Droid, I can use it in places I can't use the iPad and I love the spontaneity of caching. I want something that is easy to use and not have to go through all the steps that are mentioned in this thread. I also load caches into my Garmin Venture when I know I am going to be in an area for a time and am able to connect to my laptop.
  5. Here I thought the OP was a parody of all the 'why are there so many micros?" threads.
  6. I am trying to decide which phone to purchase and which would be better for GeoCaching. It is kind of looking like the phone I really want may not be useable for caching. I am looking at the HTC Hero and the Blackberry Bold 9700 What are the app options for each? It looks like there may not be one for the Hero. If you need to PM me about the apps, please do. I would love an iPhone, but no AT&T or 3G around here. We are also outside of Edge. I have used my iPad for Geocaching when traveling and love it. I just need to find a smart phone that I can cache with when not in a 3G area. Thanks.
  7. The Venture HC is a mini usb to regular usb cable. This unit is also a yellow one.
  8. I use the Garmin Venture HC and like it. As far as stealth, I am a lot like StarBrand though many times I do have my camera handy. Geocaching can take you to some great places. Taking pictures of those places as well as placement of the cache helps me to remember where I have been and how some caches are hidden.
  9. I try to look at the goal of the TB as well as when I am going to be out next. I don't always pick them up as I live in an area where there are not many caches and if I am going to have to keep it longer than a week, I would rather someone else move it along. I picked one up this week and plan to drop it somewhere this weekend.
  10. It sounded fascinating so thought I would try it. I registered several years ago, but did not start. Then my interest was piqued again and I started geocaching Stay with it as it gets me outdoors, a little exercises and has taken me to many wonderful places.
  11. The first place you land is where you should show your passport in Europe, after that you can put it away. It seems to me that on my husband and daughter's recent trip to france, that their passports were not stamped in France upon arrival. Yet, as I explained above, there are some different rules for those in the military. When they leave Kuwait, it is on a charter that all the passengers are military, so they are flying into military posts.
  12. She was in Iraq and it sounds like she is on R & R. They are on orders for R & R. They can get into Italy and Germany without a passport because we have military posts there. Once you are in the EU, you do not need a passport to move around as long as you are in the EU countries. Yes, the OP says vacation with the military calls R&R and cuts orders for. They are to have on those orders that that country is where they are going. Then they get into the country showing that document and their military ID. Anyone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan are active duty and are traveling on orders, therefore the exemption. My son-in-law has been to numerous countries courtesy of our Air Force. He had to get a passport a year ago for a trip that was personal. Here he had been out of the country so many times and now needed one. My son was sent overseas for two weeks last fall for training, he traveled on orders and left his passport at home. Does that satisfy how one can travel overseas without a passport with the military. It is advisable to have one when you leave for R&R incase you want to enter a country where you will need to use it. Those coming home or to Europe don't need theres.
  13. Nor is there a mistake on the passport. Last I knew, and our current military members can confirm this, is that they can go to Italy or German from the theater of operations without a passport when in the military. Once in the EU, you can then travel within the EU without a passport, I have personally experienced this. Should a photo ID be needed, they have their military ID on them and should at all times. When our military travels outside of the US on orders, they do not need a passport. When they leave Iraq or Afghanistan for R&R to certain countries, they do not need a passport.
  14. Then there are people like me who has two family members currently in the military and one other that has been. I currently have a son in Iraq. Count me as one who knows way too much about the military and tends to get suspicious when things don't add up to what I know. Sorry about that.
  15. Last I knew, the longest deployments were 12 months, not 18 months and has been the case for well over a year. At that time, they were 15 months. That and my son uses his ATM card in Iraq. There are also ATM's in Kuwait, where she would have gone through to leave for her R&R.
  16. I usually cache solo. If there is any place that I am uncomfortable in, I leave. Usually have my phone with me at all times too.
  17. Live in north Iowa here and I have not heard the term either. I like it though.
  18. Investigating now. This is fixed but we need to redeploy the site for it to take effect. That will happen in the morning. I'm very sorry for the delay in the meantime! When will this take place?
  19. Usually, just below the map is a link where you can generate your own map.
  20. Lots of great pics here. I usually always take my camera with me as sometimes it is my way of looking for a cache with muggles around. Did some crouching for close ups the other day to find one. This is a picture I took Wednesday while looking for a cache in some woods. Want to go back to this park in the fall.
  21. Thanks for asking this Exclusive and thanks for your concise reply Coggins. Will have to download these apps myself.
  22. I would add to recheck the logs. If there are a lot of DNF's (Did Not Find) in the log or the previous 3 or more are DNF, then it is either a harder one than it seems or it has gone missing. Read through the forums here, see some of the pictures of what some of the caches look like so you have a better idea of what you are looking for. When I first started, I had a hard time finding them, but after finding more, it is fun to keep looking. I have also had several that I did not find the first time to the site, but found it another time.
  23. I have 1 within 10 miles from me. Am in an area of north Iowa that has very few. Do I get the prize for the fewest?
  24. I took this one this week walking back to my car from a cache.
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