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  1. Pt Defiance you can easily get a dozen in a day, without too much effort. Yes its a drive. A great way to get quick numbers quick, are the cach machines. I have seen people with 50 plus in a LONG day. Vashion will get 20 or so for a nice day trip.


    What is a cache machine?

  2. My brother in the UK is heading for 100 caches before me (yes I know 100 is old hat for most of you) and due to an injury we've not been able to get out recently. The injury is better but not up to spending a whole day hiking.


    I am being taunted by the fact that near where he lives people seem to set up walking loops of 8-10 caches so even with a 5 and 2 year old he can pick up 3-5 caches an hour with ease.


    Maybe its just the sheer density of caches here but I can't find anything similar... so here's the question. Where can I pick up 15 easy (avoid multi's and puzzles) caches in a short period of time this weekend?

  3. Thanks for that recommendation.


    I would also like consistency... one problem i get right now is that I end up pacing about in multiple directions... first it drops me in one place then next time i look down I am apparently 25 feet away so I try an approach from a different direction and I get dropped 30 feet away and then suddenly THAT ground zero is not the right place.

  4. So after a weekend of DNFs and a month of hand programming becuase my new computer doesn't have a serial port I have had enough of my very old, non WAAS Garmin Etrex.


    I've looked at the new models out there and I'm sure they are all a huge upgrade over mine but they are full of route finding, pretty maps etc etc.


    If my priority is caching and being dropped as close to a cache as possible even in bad coverage areas (lots of trees here in the Pacific Northwest and they are all growing new leave right now) which unit should I go for?

  5. Well here's hoping you all had a great time at Col Bob's... for those of you who drove on highway 12 around 8:30 Saturday morning you probably all drove past a white neon stranded at the side of the road about 15 miles before Aberdeen.... yes that was us....


    My 'Check Engine' light came on and I had barely finished explaining to Jo that these lights never mean anything and are just a conspiracy to make you take your car into the shop when the engine died. My timing belt disintegrated and after a 2.5 hour wait for a tow we ended up spending the night in Olympia and having to get a ride back home today as they couldn't get the parts to fix it... now I'm just hoping the engine didn't internally break which apparently can happen on this kind of engine.


    Oh well maybe next year....

  6. Well I think I have the routes and maps all ready... this will be a great shock to my British camping mindset where you are rarely more than 10 minutes from a real bathroom and a McDonalds...


    Still we have decided that in lieu of carrying stoves etc we will live on junk food for the one night we are away - screw the diet and bring on the pringles.... and as for filtering water don't we pay good money for the guys at the microbreweries to do that for us? Now if only i could find some decent beer in plastic bottles. Maybe I will hide a case in Jo's backpack and hope she doesn't notice the clinking...


    Looking forward to meeting you all.


    (leaving Kirkland around 6ish so hope to arrive by noon)


    Andy + Jo

  7. We're hoping to head down to the Columbia Gorge in Oregon for some cycling this weekend and as always felt like picking up some caches (plus we have some bugs that are way overdue to be dropped down there).


    Can anyone recommend some short (20 miles) trails that are paved - or some roads that are not used much by cars - that are also near a bunch of caches.




  8. Does anyone live in/near San Francisco and feel like returning a new dry log book to a cache for me?


    I picked up a full, very wet, and partially smelly logbook from Toy Store 1 a few weeks ago while I was travelling. I took a new log book as I knew the old one was wet. But when we got there the old one was so digusting I couldn't leave it in there.


    Anyway the log book is now nice and dry and I figured I should return it somehow - I tried contacting the cache owner but no reply so I wondered if anyone here was up for a trip.


    If so please contact me through my profile and let me know an address I can post it to...




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