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  1. Hi, Can we ask that when you decide to place a cache that you give some thought to the disabled cachers, and cachers with small children. It is not the walk that counts it is the finding of the treasure (Cache). There are some caches around my area that we would like to find but unfortunately the terrain is way too difficult or too far for us to walk. This is not meant to be taken as a moan because we have found upto now 25 caches and we both use walking aids. I use crutches and my wife a walking stick.

    Thanks for talking the time to read this. Your comments please.

  2. Hi Both my wife and myself are Ham Radio operators. My wife's callsign is 2E1CMZ and my own is G4SXR. Although we both use the new PMR446 licence free radio system in Great Britain. This allows us to use the radio without too many people over hearing what we are doing and where.

    73 Colin & Daphne

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