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  1. Hi Paul, Yes we are both in North Wilts RAYNET since 1993, your face seems familiar. 73 Colin & Daphne
  2. Hi I Colin have the callsign G4SXR and Daphne is 2E1CMZ
  3. Hi Over here the radios are termed as PMR446. They work very well we have managed to get a distance of over 3 miles. They are very handy for caching. You can get them from ARGOS, INDEX etc. Colin & Daphne
  4. Hi, Can we ask that when you decide to place a cache that you give some thought to the disabled cachers, and cachers with small children. It is not the walk that counts it is the finding of the treasure (Cache). There are some caches around my area that we would like to find but unfortunately the terrain is way too difficult or too far for us to walk. This is not meant to be taken as a moan because we have found upto now 25 caches and we both use walking aids. I use crutches and my wife a walking stick. Thanks for talking the time to read this. Your comments please.
  5. We will be there. Sounds like it will be a good bash. Colin & Daphne
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