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  1. Yes we can read Geo as well. Although we rarely use the clues now. Colin & Daphne
  2. Many congratulations onward to the next 100 Colin & Daphne
  3. Extremely well done, just how do you do it? Colin & Daphne
  4. If you take a look at our home page The Wobbly Club's Website there is a free download of a program to convert to British Grid from WGS84 and vice versa. Hope this helps. Colin & Daphne
  5. We were very sorry to learn of your sad loss. We had a dog for 15 years, from when he was born to when he died. We know how sad a time this is for you. Colin & Daphne
  6. We found out about Geocaching from the TV programme Inside Out. We already had a GPSr which we used for RAYNET (Amateur Radio Emergency Comms Network). We looked on the internet and found that there was a few caches near our home. One was located in the Salisbury Catherdral Close, it was a micro cache. We went and found it and the rest is history. We are both leg disabled and when following that little pointer you tend to forget about your own problems. It is a nice way of getting out into the countryside and going to places we would never ever thought of visiting. Only trouble is we never realise we have walked quite so far, sometimes it is a struggle for us to get back to the car.
  7. Many thanks to all our fellow Geocachers for your congratulations. If it was not for people like yourselfs helping us we would not have been able to achieve this Once again many thanks from Colin & Daphne.
  8. Well done Andy, we have a little way to go to catch you up. Colin & Daphne
  9. Many congratualtions on getting your 500 not many more to find now! Colin & Daphne
  10. Well done Bill on completing your 100th find . We are glad that it was our new multi-cache "Around the Town" that managed it for you. We're catching you up slowly as we are now on 86. Here's to your next 100. Colin & Daphne
  11. Thanks Team Tate. I have sent reply with my address to you by email. Look forward to getting the tape. Many thanks. The Wobbly Club
  12. Hi does anyone have a copy of the the Inside Out TV Program about Geocaching. Either on DVD or VHS tape. We will pay postage etc. Many thanks , Happy Caching
  13. We would like to thank the following people for assisting one of our travel bugs to reach his ultimate goal . Woody has started 2004 in Fairfax County Virginia USA. His goal is to go to Florida and have his photo taken with his pals in Toy Story. Thanks go to Achaos, The Green Wellie Brigade, Lady H & the Cool Bros, Ann and Brian, arrivanas, Mr & Mrs Hedgehog and finally the Three Lost Guys who have transported Woody across the pond. He is now on holiday in the cache Wandering in the Woods located in Lake Fairfax Park Virginia, total travelled so far is 3817 miles. Thanks again for your help guys and gals from Colin & Daphne aka The Wobbly Club.
  14. Hi Postie, We are glad that you enjoyed our caches and others that you have mentioned. We are sorry that you were not able to find the TB in our cache "In View of a Hill Fort (Durnford). We have today checked the logbook and have found that between our putting the TB in the cache and your finding the cache it had been visited on the 21 August by two cachers, one who is registered with GC.com and one who is not. I am only hoping that the TB will turn up at another cache soon. Glad that you had a good trip around wiltshire. Come again. Colin & Daphne aka The Wobbly Club
  15. The photographs from our cache In View of a Hill Fort (Durnford) can be seen on our Geocaching WebsiteIf you recognise anyone please email us. Many thanks. Happy Caching.
  16. Well done you two. Don't you ever go to work Colin & Daphne
  17. Hi Bill glad that you have at last found your wandering Rabbit. My TB Greased Lightning went missing on 12 April 2003 so there is hope for mine to reappear.
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