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  1. Hi We are thinking of going for paperless caching and in need of a PDA. We have seen a great deal on Palm 130 PDA. Is this any good for caching and what software do we need to use it? Many thanks Daphne & Colin
  2. We call ourselves The Wobbly Club, we are really Daphne & Colin. We are both disabled and use walking aids to wobble around, obvious really
  3. We are very sorry to note that this type of cache will no longer be allowed . We both think that Groundspeak are being very short sighted over this. Come on Guys it is only a game after all.
  4. Just noticed this thread. Well Done from Daphne & Colin
  5. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year From Daphne & Colin, just remember a stranger is a friend you do not yet know!
  6. My (Colin) Zodiac Sign is Libra and Daphne's is Scorpio
  7. Hi all, anyone know of a good software package for designing and printing button badges. We will be purchasing a button badge machine in the near future and are looking around for the software. Many thanks.
  8. We would be interested in 5. We have a Canadian, USA and Texas coins at this time. Our only interest is in collecting them and then using the UK coins as trade items.
  9. Hi Many congratulations on your Double Ton from Daphne & Colin aka The Wobbly Club
  10. Hi Please put us down for a dontaion of £5 will email you for your address. Cheers Daphne & Colin
  11. We are both surprised and saddened by the death of the Mark (the Cat). We both had the pleasure of meeting him at the Farley Mount Geocaching day. He will be sadly missed. Thank you Mark for all that you have done for Geocaching in the UK. Daphne & Colin
  12. From a personal point of view we like the caches of less than a mile. Or ones that have a cache and dash point. The only reasons for this is that we are both leg disabled and use walking aids. Problem is we never really notice just how far we have walked when all you are doing is following an arrow. One day we very nearly did not make it back to the car and was considering phoning the emergency services. So when setting a cache please bear in mind that there are people like us who enjoy caching but can't walk far. Have a happy caching day. Colin one part of The Wobbly Club
  13. Hi Take a look at our website there is a free download for converting OSGB to Lat Long the url is The Wobbly Clubs Website Hope it is of some use. Daphne & Colin aka The Wobbly Club
  14. Many Congratulations From Daphne & Colin
  15. Many thanks from Daphne and Colin The Wobbly Club. I didn't realise it had some music on it until I left the speakers on. Nearly jumped off my seat. Thanks again Lassitude its great.
  16. Notification of GPS Jamming trials 18-29 October. The trials will be carried out by QinetiQ on behalf of the MoD. Land based jammers will be located within a 3 mile radius of 515934N 0033943W within the Sennybridge Training Area, Powys, Wales. The trials should not cause interference to other land based of airbourne navigation systems. Happy Caching
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