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  1. Land based jammers located within the MoD Sennybridge Training Area, Powys, Wales. The trials will be taking place between the dates of 30th August til 16 September 2005 hours of the trials is 0800 til 1600 UTC daily. Information taken from the CAA AIC 67/2005
  2. Our caching name is The Wobbly Club. We got this because we are both leg disabled and wobble around using walking aids. This makes geocaching a real challenge for us. Our real names are Daphne + Colin.
  3. Hi I display my coins in small plastic display cases which I buy from my local coin collecting shop in Castle Street in Salisbury. They come complete with a cardboard insert to hold the coins secure. I am sure if you google for coin cases you should be able to find some. Happy Caching Colin
  4. Many Congratulations From Daphne + Colin aka The Wobbly Club PS Got a long way to go to catch you guys up!!
  5. Thanks for the congratulations. Yes geocaching is a bit of a challenge for us due to us both being disabled. We find that following that little tiny arrow on the GPSr takes our minds off our physical problems. It is only after we get to the cache do we realise just how far we have managed to walk. It is times like that that we need a helicopter to take us home. It just goes to show what you can do with a bit of determination. Thanks for making the game of Geocaching such great friendly fun. Happy caching guys + girls from Daphne + Colin.
  6. Many Many Congratulations From Daphne + Colin aka The Wobbly Club
  7. Many Congratulations From Daphne + Colin aka The Wobbly Club
  8. Very Well Done From Daphne 2E1CMZ & Colin G4SXR also known as The Wobbly Club
  9. Congratulations We are not to far behind you. Happy Caching from Daphne & Colin.
  10. Hi. It is nice to have the opportunity for a Cache & Dash Daphne & myself are both leg disabled. We would love the chance to go for a long walk, but owing to circumstances beyond our control we can't. Not to say we always try but it is nice to see the C&D option if we think we cannot manage the walk. Yes I agree it is the route to the cache rather than the cache itself (i.e numbers for some). This thread has been mooted many times. Happy Caching from Daphne & Colin aka the Wobbly Club, now you know how we got our name, we are always wobbling around!!
  11. Well they had a cemetery for lost in action travel bugs but not one for sucessful ones. So we decided to start a retirement home. Glad that you like the idea. Daphne & Colin
  12. We have now placed our travel bug Woody in the new "UK Travel Bug Retirement Home" We wish Woody all the best in his retirement. Daphne & Colin.
  13. Hi Placed Woody in the graveyard so as to retire him. Do you know another way of removing him from the listings, without burying him? If so we will re incarnate him. Thanx Daphne & Colin
  14. Woody our Travel Bug has now completed his world tour to Disneyland Florida and is now back home with us, The Wobbly Club. Woody was released at “Dr Beeching’s Legacy” by Les Oiseaux de Proie (The Birds of Prey) which was situated on an old railway track at Ringwood in Hampshire on the 10th August 2003. We picked Woody up today (20th March 2005) from “Oh! Mr Porter” by Amy and Adam’s Dad, which was also situated on an old railway track in Hampshire. (Spooky) We would like to thank the following Geocachers for their help in enabling Woody to attain his goal. Achaos, The Green Wellie Brigade, Lady H & the CBs, Ann_and_Brian, arrivanas, Mr & Mrs Hedgehog, Three Lost Guys, zygote2k, Phideo, thestosh, FawverFamily, ELJLYLE, Dr_GloPos, draddog, Seeker2410, HockeyPuck, nhgoldens, terradactill, Woody has travelled a total of 9462 miles. He has now been retired.
  15. Well Done Bill You're steaming on ahead of us now. Daphne & Colin
  16. Hi, Anyone else having multiple entries from their watchlists?. Every time someone makes a log on a cache where we have a watch on we are now getting two notifications instead of the normal one. Has something gone wrong or have we done something wrong? Answers on the back of a £5.00. Many thanks Daphne & Colin
  17. Thanks for everyones help with this topic. We have now completed the wombles cache 802.11b. The PDA worked very well. Daphne & Colin
  18. Hi Make sure that you have set the datum as British Grid and Ord svy. You should then get a position with 10 figures eg. SU12345 67890. Hope this helps. Colin
  19. Many thanks for your replies and offers of help. Since emailing Dave of the Wombles we have decided and ordered an iPAQ Pocket PC, downloaded GpxSonar. All we have to do now is learn how to use it. Once again many thanks. Daphne & Colin
  20. Well Done Simply Paul it looked good and was well presented, we did the cache the next day. Daphne & Colin
  21. Hi, Could some of you good people explain to us just what we need and also how does it work, to enable us to get online with a laptop with wireless technology? What is the minimum spec? Do we need a special ISP to enable this? We have a small palm M505 PDA now thinking about 802.11b. There is a Womble cache we would like to try and get but it involves 802.11b which we are assuming is the type of internet link. Many thanks Daphne & Colin
  22. Hi can anyone tell us what the difference is between the Palm M130 and the Palm 505 please? Many thanks Happy caching from Daphne & Colin
  23. Hi Chaps/Chapesses many thanks for your replies. We have now ordered the palm. It will be a steep learning curve for us to find out how to use the thing. Will have to look at CacheMate and GSAK. Happy paperless caching. Daphne & Colin
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