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  1. Hi You may have noticed another order from us. I only ordered one in the first instance and should have been two. Hope this is OK.
  2. Hi We have found the extra waypoints very usefull. There is a way to associate them with caches. For example take this cache After the Picnic its cache waypoint is GCT9JR. The first stage waypoint is APT9JR and the guardian is GUT9JR. So you see there is a way to associate these waypoints.
  3. Merry Christmas Guys & Gals That was truely spectacular, tears are still rolling down our cheeks. Not sure if it was the laughter or the pain caused by the singing - it was singing wasn't it?? From Daphne + Colin
  4. Merry Christmas to ALL Geocachers From Daphne + Colin PS Don't have too much falling over water!!!!
  5. Thanks for your hard work guys, it is most appreciated. Seasons Greetings From Daphne + Colin aka The Wobbly Club
  6. Thanks for sending our coins arrived today. They look even better in real life. One of ours had the number 039 the other un-numbered both were engraved with our caching name. Thanks again and Seasons Greetings from Daphne + Colin aka The Wobbly Club
  7. It would appear that the GAGB forum pages have been suspended. Anyone know why?
  8. Hi all, Many thanks for your replies. The one I was after is http://rtr.ca/geo The normal GC.com site works but it is better to use rtr.ca/geo when it is up and running. Uses less memory. Happy caching. From D + C.
  9. Hi I was given the url for the above sometime ago, and guess what I have managed to lose it. Can anyone please advise. My PDA is an ipaq running windows Pocket PC 2003. Ta very much
  10. Our order form sent just waiting for the invoice. Thanks for all your hard work!!
  11. Nice coins received today. Many thanks. Good design and excellent weight and quality. Regards Daphne + Colin.
  12. Hi Guys many thanks for the good wishes. Glad you liked the card. Colin from The even Wobblier Club!!!
  13. Hi It's my birthday today and one of my work colleagues sent me this card. Quite topical I think.My Birthday Card Happy Caching from Colin one half of the Wobbly Club
  14. Hi Many thanks for the reply. Very interesting. Happy caching.
  15. As in the title, have I been asleep, been on another planet. Can someone give me the definition of an Earthcache. What makes it so different? Many thanks.
  16. Active Sync is the program for downloading from your PC to your PDA (We think) Daphne + Colin
  17. Hi Sometime ago we noticed a small program that would allow us to download spoiler photos to our ipaq pda. But unfortunately have forgotten the name. We use GPXSonar for the queries. Help! Many thanks Daphne + Colin
  18. Just received and paid by paypal. Thanks Daphne + Colin
  19. Can we have a copy too. Ta very much. Daphne + Colin
  20. Hi Can't seem to get into GCUK.com today. Anyone else having troubles? Colin
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