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  1. Whay do some cachers write a note when dropping TB's. All you have to do is refer to it it your main log. Then scroll down the page highlight the TB you are dropping and submit the log.


    A lot easier than writing the log submitting it and then write the note and submit again.


    Perhaps I am missing something?

  2. Hi We wonder if any one in forum land can help us. Our trusty Garmin 12 no longer downloads from GSAK ;) . It tells us that it cannot innitiate COM 1. We have tried another GPS a Garmin 72 and it downloads correctly. This is the 2nd time our GPS 12 has done this. Has anyone else had this problem? Last week working OK this week nothing.

    Should I send it back to the service centre? Which I think is in Romsey Hampshire.

    Any help gratefully received.

  3. There will be a GPS jamming trial taking place in June.


    2 Dates, Times and Areas Affected

    Date: 7/8 June 2007 inclusive.

    Time: Between 0800 and 1600.

    Location: Land based jammer within a 0.5 nm radius of 501612N 0051624W, near Portreath , North Cornwall

    Predictions show that the areas affected will be as follows:

    Note: EIRP - (Effective Isotropically-Radiated Power)

    ERP - (Effective Radiated Power)

    Omni directional 100mW EIRP jammer - 7/8 June, 2007 (inclusive)

    At 25m agl – Land areas with clear line of sight of the transmitter.

    – Sea areas to a maximum range of 6 nm from the transmitter.

    Up to 30000 ft amsl - 6 nm from the transmitter site in all directions

    These trials should not cause interference to other land based or airborne navigation or communication systems

  4. We both agree. We have had help from the all of the caching administrators, as well as from The Wombles, Gralorn, The hole-in-the-wall gang and Ailec Nor to name a few. It is the only sport that we can participate in on a level playing field (so to speak). Many many thanks from Daphne + Colin.

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