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  1. Hi whilst we were out yesterday we came across a number of times that log entries have been made on Geocaching.com cache pages but NOT in the logbooks of the caches.

    We can only assume that the cachers did not actually either find the cache or indeed visit the cache!

    What is the point of cheating. Is it a numbers game where they can say "we have found more than you".

    It is only a game, and certainly not a numbers game for us.


    Daphne + Colin

  2. Whilst out placing a cache in Bulford near to Amesbury. I came across a cottage named "Benchmark Cottage". On closer inspection near to ground level there was a small metal disc about 50mm dia with the normal benchmark symbol and the letters EA BM. I wondered if anyone in forum land could explain what the EA stood for and what the use of this type of benchmark is for? Thanks. The Wobbly Club

  3. Hi, Have just changed my PC to a Laptop using Vista. Unfortunately I have forgotten where I found the software for flash earth etc. This used to be displayed as a link on the top of the cache page underneath th co-ords in Firefox. There was other links to other mapping there as well. Sorry if this is a duplicate question that has been asked before. I have looked on the Forums but sadly NO luck. Many thanks Colin.

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