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  1. Can you please clarify this portion of the description:


    - The number of coins ordered will be nr_of_presale_ in_two_weeks * 2

    - Presale will continue until coins arrive or 75% of the coins are sold in pre-sale.

    - When the final coins arrive there will be coins available for direct sale (25-50% of the coins manufactured)


    I don't see how this is possible. If you are ordering the number of presale coins "reserved" x 2, then how can you continue the presale until the coins arrive? Won't you be short then? How can you stop the pre-sale at 75% of the coins, since the pre-sale determines the qty of coins to order? Help.



    I think it is...

    If the number of coins sold in presale is 50 after 2 weeks he will order 100 coins.

    Presale will continue untill the coins arrive or 75 of the coins are sold in presale.

    The remaining coins will them be sold as in stock (after he is sure that no coin orders got missing in the mail I guess)

  2. Came home today from visiting my brother for a few days, and a bubble mailer was waiting for me when I came :anicute:

    I don't know how the sender knew that I need some chearing up, but the last two months have not been good for me so I needed it :D

    Thank you for bringing a smile on my face B)

    Bandit #101 says hello from Norway



    Official date changed to Oct. 11th

    Tent, table and chairs ordered

    Two temporary caches to be hidden around the plant for employees and guests to find with the assistance of local cachers. This place is huge.

    Giveaways ordered and provided by company. Compass keychains to each person that finds a cache. Additionaly all employees that find a cache will be given a ticket to win a brand new GPSr that I personally get to choose and pay for with company card. The GPSr will be given out at the end of the day.

    Raffle will start two weeks prior to the event.

    Items so far for the raffle:

    GSA V3 Coin

    TX 888 Coin

    It all about the numbers Coin

    Canadian pass the puck micro geocoin

    Canadian Cacher Micro geocoin

    Canadian Nomad TB

    (2)Wenchuan earthquake awareness pathtags

    Original Cache hunter pathtag

    Foundit it! PTC 08/08 pathtag

    TB tag

    2 ready to hide caches, Lock and Locks (enough quality swag to fill both)

    Additionally for each 100 tickets sold ($1 each) $10 gas card up to $100 in gas.

    Three local cachers including myself to help with a few more waiting in the wings if needed.

    Propaganda will start filling the information LCD's in the plant next week.

    Registration will begin for the picnic next week. 1400+ anticipated to attend.


    That is all for now. Thanks to all who have donated thus far. Thanks to my company for supporting this effort and kicking in some nice stuff. Thanks most to the GSA for putting me on this mission. This has been so fun and exciting. It has started from a simple raffle and 101 booth for charity to this huge undertaking that I really enjoy and have poured my heart into. As my quote says "If you don't remember the journey was it worth the trip". This is one journey that has really been worth it all and one I will always remember. Will continue to accept donations. E-mail me. More will be posted as things get down to the wire.


    AS Koolbrez


    Updated to add the Canadian package that arrived today and a couple of pathtags I originally left out by mistake.


    Great work Koolbrez!!!

  4. Actually an easier way is to simply use the Mark as Missing feature. Without going to all the trouble of using up all the GC #s, you simply go to the top right corner of the page and in the drop down menu where it says "recalculate Distance" you'll find "Mark as Missing. this puts it in an unknown location, but the trackable can always be brought back into circulation simply be "grabbing it" back. You can do this if you are the trackable's owner, or the cache owner, if they are in cache. For more information about trackables, check out the link in my signature to the Groundspeak Knowledge base.


    I don't agree that it is easier to mark the coins as missing - then you have to go to the page of each of the coins and mark them as missing. This can be a lot of work instead of dropping them in an archived or not published cache.


    Groundspeak have been asked to make a collectors inventory, but nothing has happend on that subject yet...


    And at last a question - what will happend to a coin that is marked as missing when it gets dicovered? Will it stay marked as missing or will the owner need to mark it as missing after every discovery?

  5. only 15 coins left for those of you that are stil interested.


    I would like 3.




    tell me were to send money and to how;


    I have pm'ed ya, but did not get anything back.

    Need to know how much and where to send the money.


    Have you tried to send a mail to the email address in the first post?



    For info or ordering contact me at boomerangpapa@hotmail.com and type 2008 mariobros brick coin in the subject line! :unsure:

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