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  1. You could check out the many independent vendors that sell Groundspeak officially-licensed products links can be found at the Groundspeak shop. I don't see any minting information for this coin, will any be forthcoming? Your suggestion makes sense. I did that, but it seems that the coins are only being sold by Groundspeak. Maybe someone (from Groundspeak) is looking at this and will provide a workaround... Antonio I agree - it would have been nice to have a chance to buy it...
  2. They ship international, but not to PO boxes. Just register as a new customer Edit to add that you were right - tried to register, but was not allowed
  3. The turtles has arrived Thank you tsun for another great looking coin!
  4. A great coinday! 2 sets of Christmas Earth Turtles and the Dutch Lion mysterycoin
  5. Today I got an envelope that brought a smile to my face The Dutch Lion #94 has arrived in Norway (or should I say lions, cause there was one coin for me and one to drop in a cache) Thank you for making my day better! Edit to add congrats to the other recievers/finders!
  6. Put me on the list also - great work you're doing there
  7. Got my set today My personal favorite is the silver/foggy silver version. Do you have extra of those pins that holds the center in the outer ring? One of mine were broken and I can only find one part of it so I don't know how long it should be...
  8. I like it - can't wait to see the samples Like others here - I don't want to reserve any untill I see the samples...
  9. There is room for something to be engraved on the coin other coin also, but you need to find someone to do it for you...
  10. Take a look at the link - I think it is $8 for cachingname, GC code and date
  11. I know of these two: From The Caching Place - this one you can have them engrave for you From Coins and Pins
  12. Do you have a picture of this? I don't have a pic of the Suncatcher with the lock, but here's another coin with the lock. You can buy them in multi-packs and save a few dollars. I chose them because they're made of brass and won't rust and also because the very small diameter of the actual locking ring (about an 1/8"). OK - i thought you ment something else - you still have to drill the coin to attach the lock...
  13. PM sent with link to a "I love Geocoins" coin...
  14. Thanks for having the sale at a reasonable european time Count me in for a rush!
  15. You know your a geocoin addict when you are reading this forum instead of beeing downstairs with the family participating in the christmas party.
  16. I'll do it! Everyone just send me your coins
  17. Take a look here: Puzzle coin thread
  18. I'm looking for a "Dark side of the cache" geocoin to use as a christmas gift for a friend. Anyone who can help me? (I don't have a trade list, but please include your seeking list and I'll see what I can do...)
  19. Got my coins today Good work!
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