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  1. :D Any idea what the price will be? :D

    Check out the opening post, :laughing:

    This is the first of a $5 Geocoin series that is so hideous and gross - you certainly will be putting them in caches because you wouldn't want them to disgrace your gorgeous geocoin collections!! This coin shall be offered in Antique Copper and Antique Nickel, so you would certainly put them into the wild. Of course, each coin in the $5 Geocoin series will come with its unique icon.

    Did you see the frog smiling at each end of my question :D

    Guess I'm not as funny as I thought... :D

  2. Here are the pictures as promised...

    I'm very pleased with my package - even contain a ready-made geocache filled with trade items :mad:

    All the candy in the pictures are now history :D







    Thanks to dhenninger for hosting this mission!


    Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. 1. Participating: 10/18/09

    2. Received Name: 11/01/09

    3. Mission Complete: Mailed 12/08/09 and recieved :D

    4. Package Received!: The package has arrived and it contained a lot of goodies :(

    Pictures to come...


    Thank you Will from The Finamore Family!

  4. There is some small cost in hosting this event at the local library, so I am asking for coin donations for the silent auction to cover those costs.


    Just a sidenote, but guess you couldn't have anything but a silent auction since the event is at the library :lol:

  5. In Norway we must pay tax if value is over 200 NOK about 28 UDS

    I always add about 2 USD each coin i send and mark it as gift and game token.

    Not tax but 25% VAT (just to be picky :()

    And sama as in UK, we have to pay VAT of the shipping cost also.

    And a $28 handling fee...


    If the package is marked as a gift the limit is 1000 NOK

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