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  1. There is also a lot of information here: Geocoincollection.com And not that many coins though, but some of my coins here: Smort78's geocoins
  2. What's the difference between Antique Gold and New Antique Gold?
  3. wow those are awesome, its a fabulous coin. Thank you! Yes finally - and they look even better in hand
  4. Got a bunch of these in my mailbox today
  5. The group has spoken... AND THE WINNER IS: I would like a 16x16 version also, and then I'll decide if we use that one or the one below Please send me a mail with your address and prefered finish of the coin. Congrats!
  6. I might be stupid, but did not understand... All four icons in post #10 are 32x32
  7. Do you have a 16x16 version of these?
  8. OK - need a bit more time to decide a winner...
  9. Many great ideas here - it will be hard to make a choice. I will keep the cointest run through the weekend and announce a winner on monday. I have not recieved the email, but we figure it out if you win...
  10. Thanks for the submissions - keep them coming I have recieved the first 2 entries on mail, but we'll figure out the email problems with the last entry if I decide that's the winner...
  11. Mint photos Antique Copper Antique Silver Satin Gold (Members only)
  12. Drawing an icon is not my strong side, so I'll make it a cointest I need both the 16x16 and 32x32 icon in gif format sent to post (at) stigroar (dot) net The winner will recieve a Heddal stavkirke geocoin (free pick of edition) Antique Copper Antique Silver Satin Gold (Members only)
  13. Does that mean Norway or Portugal? Portugal - I don't have enough help or coiners here to arrange it in Norway...
  14. I would also love to have an event in Europe
  15. I agree in not using texture. If you want to compare the colors against each other you would have to have the same background on each color. One option if you would like different textures is to devide each pieslice in two - one with texture and one with no texture
  16. It's worth the wait, but wish I could have showed it off on the event we are having next weekend...
  17. The tracking number is on the coin page, but I agree - Let there be an option in the drop-down box...
  18. Hope there will be an option to move a batch - but since I got my registered coins in an archived cache I guess I'll have to move them one by one - 467 coins is going to take some time.. Thanks for this option - have been missing it!
  19. I'm sorry I can't answer for Qurius about the questions regarding the pre-order, but I can tell you that the coins are in production now. And the minting numbers are Antique Silver: 150 Antique Copper: 150 Satin Gold: 50
  20. We are taking orders from our members now, so I don't know what the minting numbers will be yet. Only thing I know is that we have a max 50 limit of our members only coin, but I'm guessing that there will be no more than 150 of each of the other metals. Will come back with exact numbers when we know. Hogwildstuff will also have a limited number of coins available, and they also have some left of the first coin of the series...
  21. First of all - this is not the Norwegian Geocoin 2010. The Norwegian Geocoin 2010 is produced by www.gcinfo.no and I guess they will announce their geocoin themself. This coin is named Heddal Stavkirke (Heddal stavechurch) and comes in 3 editions: Antique Copper, Antique Silver and Members only Satin Gold It's a 2" coin trackable and with it's own icon (when it's ready) This coin is the third coin from Grenlandsmafiaen (www.grenlandsmafiaen.no) and the second coin in a series from Telemark county in Norway. See the first coin here.
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