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  1. I asked almost the same question - wanted some coins with color and without, but the answer was no...
  2. The "Mountain Goat" is now released in GCYYP9 Fjerdingen, Porsgrunn #100
  3. The Mountain Goat arrived in my mailbox today. I might be able to leave it in a cache tomorrow if things go as planned. Both the Goat and the Turtle looks looks really great! Thanks for letting me in on this project
  4. Here's an idea I got, but since I don't know you, it might not like it.
  5. Here is one of me and my daughter Ina on her first cache trip
  6. I think the white part woudl look good as white having a foot prints in the snow look Is it possible to make the coin with 2 "color choices" in the same order? Some with the white in the drawing is recessed metal-no color and some with recessed metal-white color?
  7. Put my art in the new template and changed it a little.. Is it possible to do it like this?
  8. Here is my first try... Comments anyone? (please)
  9. I also like the 1.25 size, and the cutout as it is...
  10. I might also be interested, most depending on my wife saying yes... 50-100
  11. Smort78


    Have you decided what icon to use?
  12. Have you recieved the coins yet?
  13. Please add my wife - geocaching nick: monars
  14. Have you recieved the sample coins?
  15. please add: Smort78 and my brother: Dagim looking foreward to this coin
  16. I can release one in Norway for you if you want...
  17. Put me down for 2 sets please
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