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  1. This coin is based on a book:

    Abomination Book Geocoin

    and it's available and on sale :laughing:


    And maybe this one?

    Kid's Geocoin V2


    edit to add another coin


    Smort78, Thanks for posting the link to the Abomination coin. I just ordered a couple, but what really cracked me up is the description of the book on the cache page....


    "A serial killer mutilates his victims, leaving the bodies at various geocaching sites with obscure religious references. When the killer targets Eve Andreakos, a woman he holds responsible for his wife's death, she barely escapes with her life. Eve flees to Rock Harbor with 2 year old Keri. Eve has just begun to relax when she and her friend Bree stumble on a mutilated body at a geocaching site"


    What makes this funny to me is that my name is Eve, and my frequent caching partner is Bre (close, eh?). So I'm ordering the book too. Thanks again for the post!



  2. I have a paypal account but when they say theire going to send me an invoice.How's that work


    You have to give them the mail address to your paypal account. They send the invoice and you will get a mail that says you got invoiced with a link to paypal. Log in to paypal, make sure the invoice is correct and click pay.

    And before you know it the coins are on it's way to you (and you are hooked on geocoins)

  3. There is a martial arts coin, called Tairyoku I think. Not sure where it can be found but will have a scout about.


    Okidoki - found it - you can probably still purchase one from here.


    Edit to add linkie


    And if it can't be bought direct - ther's one up on ebay now for another 17 hours: Ebay link

  4. Today I finally got back from a long trip and found my Easter mission in the mail. There was a beautiful (and I must confess very yummie chocolate Easter bunny - sorry no pics, I couldn't resist - it was a great substitute for dinner, since of course I found my fridge empty). Also there were FOUR wonderful coins: a Copper Glitter 2008 Grenlandsmafiaen coin, a Smort78 geonerd, a NL country ID coin (someone must know where I'm from originally!!), and a truly amazing, BIG Geo_Leprechaun Pot of Gold coin. I really need to do some pruning on my wishlist now :anitongue: Thank you so much Smort78!


    You're welcome :anitongue:

  5. I didn't get any V1's...but I did order a few V2's.


    I also ordered a few in stock coins. I haven't gotten them yet either, and my order says processing as well.


    I emailed them about it. I hope everything is ok with them and that they are just backed up.




    The v2 coin were a preorder, so they are minting them now. I guess you will get all your coins shipped together (or did you split the order and paid shipping twice?)

  6. When i order from Europe i had to pay VAT, that´s called IVA in Portugal (which is included in the price) , and i had to pay it when i Buy from foreign shops, specially american on-line shops. Here we are taxed (sometimes when customs selects our packages to inspection) with 21% extra on the geocoins :)



    Its the same here, we pay 25 %. On everything above 35 us dollar....


    That's apples and oranges.

    I am not talking about import or customs taxes, which all countries may or may not charge depending on the package. I accept that I may have to pay that.


    I am talking about VAT or sales tax...


    Me either avroair. Those 21% here are due for sales tax. I didn't tell you about customs taxes. those are cheaper but they do exist.


    The 25% in Norway is also VAT, not customs taxes..

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