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  1. I am really sorry to keep you all waiting by the computer. I am still trying to find out when they are putting them up on the website. Sorry!! I will update here as soon as I know something.


    Wanted to let you know that we here really appreciate the effort you're putting in one this :P Thank you!


    Yes we do :ph34r:

  2. Got 120 plastic stands so I can diplay some of my coins ;)


    What kind of stands? I have been looking for something to help in taking pics of my coins and a little stand would be great.


    Today I didnt get a coin in the mail, but I did get one from a friend, who just got it in the mail. A German Tranquility coin. Man is it beautiful, huge, and very shiny . I love German edition coins. Coming from a German background, I am interested in all things that are German. Some day I hope to be able to speak it too and then visit Germany. Till then, I will collect the coins and this another to add to the collection.


    I do have a question...where do you get the geojellies? I think they are really neat looking.

    I don't think I can give you a link here since the stands are not trackable at geocaching.com, but go to ebay and search for coin stands


    Edit to add that I sent you a mail with the link

  3. I too have adopted a few (as a set) with some folks discovering one or two, but at least one with no discoveries. Not sure why this is, as all 4 have the same mileage and have been in all the same events.


    I personally plan on deleting the mileage logs as it just helps clean up the logs a bit and shows no mileage on the coin. That, and with 200+ coins I'd be logging for weeks when I move them from event to event. I plan on leaving the discovery logs because as stated earlier, it takes the icon away from a player if deleted. I have them for discovery purposes anyhow.

    The one thing I wish I could change is the "Origin" once it is adopted out. As I don't see that as being rellevant in the grand scheme of things once it is adopted...


    You can change the "Origin" if you get a hold of the activation code - go through the activation process again and you can change origin and date, but the history of the coin will not be deleted.

  4. Got my antique copper #34 feather today - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :D

    It's actually a bit bigger than expected :)

    When I got the coin in hand I saw something I didn't notice when I saw the picture of the coin - on the front there is a beak and an eye "hidden"... Or am I only seeing things that is not there?

  5. A great coinday today :D

    A copper feather from Crowesfeat30 - Thank you very much!

    June coin and pathtag from geocoinclub

    A full set of The Viking Heritage - great looking coins :D

    Cache Reward - Great Container in AG and AS

    LE Antique Copper set of the Capsule coins from geocoinshop - cute bird :)

  6. OH, so it might be feasible if a person reserved 1 set and then maybe reserve again later on hopefully making their odds of getting a LE :D:D a reality?


    Yes, that might be a strategy! I've already had the first LE coin reserved and we're on our way to the second... who will it be?! I won't announce the LE recipients as it will entirely depend on whether those who have reserved actually end up buying a coin. Literally, every 10th coin I put in an envelope for mailing will be an LE!


    And I had to go leak the secret formula :D

    Well - you could also end up ordering #9 and #15 and get no LE instead of ordering 2 coins at the same time and get #9 and #10 (LE)


    I think there is no secret formula - just luck... :D

  7. An easy question :P

    My dreamcoin is not made yet, but I hope it will be.

    I would love to mint my own personal coin. Then I could trade for many of the other coins in my dreams :laughing:


    Edit to add that if you meant a coin already made it would be the Norway 2007 that got me addicted to geocoins.

  8. I think that merging all contests into on pinned tread is the same as saying that we don't want contests at all. There's no way that anyone can stay updated on what happends in the contests if there is more than 1 or 2 running at the same time...

    A sub-forum would work great I think.

    The missions I think is a form of trading and can stay with the other topics.

    That's my opinion...

  9. I got a coin in the mail today. It says" SIGNAL THE FROG, Denmark, World Geocaching Series 1."

    Then the dates on the coin are "Denmark 2006 Oct1-Oct 31."


    Anyone know anything about this coin. I'll post a picture later after I get back from Fishing! Around Dark I would imagine. Which is about 5hrs from now.


    I am not sure who sent me this awesome coin. All I know is that it is from Hope Idaho.

    Thank you very much to whomever sent me this coin. I have never seen it before, and being it is signal the frog in a "Boat", it makes it all the cooler. Ya know, the whole fishing from a boat thing!


    Thanks again, it was a great suprise! :blink::D



    Guess it's this coin:




    It's a part of the Signal Geocoin series from Geocoinstore.com

    See the coins here

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